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#6518 what do you think about jelly bean?

Posted by neto2552 on 12 January 2013 - 05:04 PM

Hi, i hear that jelly bean drains faster yuor battery life, i´m trying to search about this, because I'm want to upgrade my galaxy s2 to jellybean, but a lot of people say that is terrible, im now in gingerbread, and some people say that is better than gingerbread, some people say that is better icream sandwich, so i don´t know what is better, so i decide to post here my question and hope that some of you can give me your opinions about jelly bean, if is good, bad, should i upgrade my phone to gingerbread to jelly bean or what?
i already search a lot about the battery life of jellybean, but i can´t find a satisfactory answer, i know that soe of you are going to say that is just a matter of what i need, but im asking about your opinions.
thank you very much, i hope your answers.