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Ice Cream 4.0.4 kill inactive browser

28 October 2012 - 06:48 PM

To use the wireless service in my work, I need to sign in using a web browser, and then keep the resulted pop-up menu open all the time in the background.

I used Dolphine browser and modified the setting to allow pop-up. It is working fine for browsing.

The problem is that If I went to the home screen or open facebook, or mobile voip application. the internet goes down with one minute. and a notification appear asking me to sign in. If I went back to the browser, I found the browser is loading as if it was exit although i just swapped without exiting.

I checked that couple of times, and I found the browser is not active in the running applications list.

I searched online, and what I understand is theat android is killing the inactive browsers to save battery. I want to prevent that. I need to keep that pop-up window running in the background.
Any one have an idea about how to do that?