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  2. skr1107

    recent favourite game?

    My favorite game recently. Clash Royale. Dream League Soccer 2018 and HIT :)
  3. Following the recent Android Oreo 8.0 update, all my Google Play Music playlists are listed as 0 tracks. I don't understand how a system update would change a application like Google Play Music. Does anyone else have this problem and is there a way to restore playlists that have been deleted? In my case, this represents many hours of creating playlists for more than 400 tracks. I desperately need a solution as apposed to re-creating each list again manually.
  4. optimxr

    Moto Z Droid Storage Change

    Update: I did do the upgrade from 32GB to 128GB using a CD Card and I changed to the portable storage which allowed for all my apps and data to remain intact. I now use the "external" CD Card to store my music and photos while the "internal shared" storage is used for applications and associated data. I also found it necessary to add a add-on battery backup to support my use of several GPS's with local maps when hiking and off-road driving. I now have a Moto Z that is a very powerful tool in my life
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