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  2. skr1107

    recent favourite game?

    My favorite game recently. Clash Royale. Dream League Soccer 2018 and HIT :)
  3. Following the recent Android Oreo 8.0 update, all my Google Play Music playlists are listed as 0 tracks. I don't understand how a system update would change a application like Google Play Music. Does anyone else have this problem and is there a way to restore playlists that have been deleted? In my case, this represents many hours of creating playlists for more than 400 tracks. I desperately need a solution as apposed to re-creating each list again manually.
  4. optimxr

    Moto Z Droid Storage Change

    Update: I did do the upgrade from 32GB to 128GB using a CD Card and I changed to the portable storage which allowed for all my apps and data to remain intact. I now use the "external" CD Card to store my music and photos while the "internal shared" storage is used for applications and associated data. I also found it necessary to add a add-on battery backup to support my use of several GPS's with local maps when hiking and off-road driving. I now have a Moto Z that is a very powerful tool in my life
  5. Iris Cheng

    How to restore lost android phone photos?

    The lost photos are all recoverable from Android before they have been overwritten by new data. Therefore, you’d better stop using your Android phone to take new photos or videos. Then take immediate measures to recover deleted photos from Android quickly.
  6. I have Samsung S6 I enabled accepting and rejecting incoming calls. it's written that i have to say Accept or Reject What else should i do, it doesn't work
  7. I have an LG M-322 that is getting ad pop-ups every few seconds rendering the phone essentially unusable. I tried uninstalling FIrefox beta and force stopping CHrome but the ads persist. It appears to be some sort of ransomware virus. I posted this problem once but can't find any content under my username. Thanks for any help you can supply.
  8. Deano_Beano

    Tablets on Android 8 - Oreo

    What tablets are running or tablet manufactures are making tablets that run on Android 8? I know the Google Pixcel C does, but it is not being made or supported any more.
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