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  1. I kind of wonder just how many people need a gaming tablet. My guess is most people are already satisfied with gaming on their phone, and most games should be optimised for use on phones so a dedicated gaming tablet isn't necessary.
  2. I think such a list would have to be remade or updated ever year because a "flagship" device from this year would be a mid tier product the next. So what did you and your colleagues come up with so far as far as the tiered products?
  3. If you have a good Android app you think we might review on the main TalkAndroid site contact us here, otherwise we generally don't allow promoting on the forums.
  4. Hi everyone, If you are already using the TalkAndroid app, you'll notice we've done a nice update! The updated version features an all new widget for the latest headlines - one of our most requested features! The full changes are: - All new Widget that shows latest headlines! - Videos in stories will now play with a built in YT player :) - The app will refresh the list of news when you open it after a long time off, so you won't have to manually update the stories - Notifications counter has been redone: it now shows the number of new articles since you last opened the app The Notifications counter change is something I've personally been waiting for, and being able to play YT videos right in the app is very very useful. If you have any feedback feel free to leave it here, but also don't forget to help us rate it on Play Store! If you don't already use our app, you're missing out on timely updates of our stories with notifications. The app is slick and made using the newest UI guidelines by Google. Download the App Here
  5. That's a really incredible stat. No wonder many people think Samsung will try to go it alone. I find it really strange that this happens though, am I the only person who doesn't get drawn into Samsung devices?
  6. Could you send me a PM with the link that you clicked on so I can check out the link and see what might be going on? Thanks!
  7. Honestly speaking, if you're giving a young teen a Galaxy SII, you're already the best mother on earth lol. The SII is a superb phone and I can't think of a single feature in the III that is better for your teenager than the II (unless all kids today have SIII and want to share photos via NFC?). I also don't think every kid needs an iPhone 5, iPad 3, and brand new Nike sneakers every year :). Lots of teens are using budget phones and free blackberries, nevermind last season's flagship device :P.
  8. I know I'm excited, I'm ready to replace my Nexus One :D.
  9. I use Gtasks personally and it works really great.
  10. In Canada as of 2 weeks ago none of Big Box stores had any stock, but checking Best Buy today I see they might actually have stock. Time to swing down and check it out :D.
  11. JuiceDefender works really good for me. I use it with my Nexus One and I noticed a huge difference, especially when travelling on public transit where you might have bad reception. You have to tinker with it a bit to get the settings perfect - I suggest using the Advanced/Custom mode.
  12. Redemption

    Google Currents

    We actually have a Google Currents edition made but it turns out it was never turned on. I just enabled it. Could you check if you can see it now?
  13. Do you mean to link to the popular forum posts from the main site? Like how we link to the recently updated posts?
  14. I was considering the Galaxy Nexus but I thought it was getting a little long in the tooth. Re: HTC - I don't think I'll be buying HTC again in the near future. I've had lots of reliability issues with the Nexus One and everyone I talk to thinks it is an HTC problem. Even speaking with reps at stores they tell me they get a lot of complaints from customers (eg returned handsets) from HTC. Not sure how substantiated that is, but I think I'm ready to try out another brand. I'll keep fiddling with the Galaxy SIII in stores and see if I can get used to the larger size.
  15. I think 8GB is perfect for casual users. I am considering getting one for my parents. I've been using my Sony Tablet S on the train and I find that the biggest problem is that its way too bulky. I do prefer to use a tablet to surf than using a phone. I'm not even sure I'd enjoy surfing on a 5" phablet phone. So it might make sense for me to use a 7" really portable tablet and a smaller phone.
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