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  1. http://www.statista.com/statistics/279687/android-tablet-market-share-in-the-united-states/ don't know why the kindle is listed there^^ But samsung seems to be the most succesfull in this case
  2. I can recommend " Worlds greatest " by r.Kelly as your alarm clock tone :D best there is
  3. until now the custom roms for the s2 are pretty stable, i only noticed that my phone rebooted from time to time :)
  4. just go to settings, accounts and remove the old google id. sign in with yours and thats it :)
  5. i have the s2 and i fell in love with the design , but i hate touchwiz... why can't we choose if we want to use vanilla android or touchwiz....
  6. i hope that iam not to late, but you should be able to use a free and unlocked nexus in israel :)
  7. iam not so sure what you mean... do you want to have an emulator for e.g. n64 or do you want to emulate the google play store?
  8. when you just want to read a little bit or watch a movie then go for the nexus 7 or an amazon tablet/ebook. if you are looking for a full spec high end tablet the nexus 10 would be a perfect choice or maybe the new sony tablet /samsung tablet. for productivity an asus transformer, with the additional dock, is a charm. anyway, the choices became so huge and the next gen tablet are already waiting behind the next corner... funny fact, people are realising that the ipad isn't the only tablet on the market :D http://www.statista.com/statistics/159680/market-share-of-the-apple-ipad-since-2010/
  9. easier way, just install google music on your mac, choose the playlist you like to upload and thats it. no wires needed and it will always keep in synch with your itunes libary
  10. the s4 will be announced at the mwc in feb or at a special event :(
  11. how about the galaxy s2? it's still pretty fast, it will get a jelly bean update and the support from the dev-community is huge :)
  12. you should disconnect your phone from your pc. hold vol -, if you have menu button (e.g. samsung) hold it too and power it up. sometimes you need to hold the buttons for about 10 sec
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