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    MK802 Mini-PC

    I guess this is the place for the rather new Android Mini-PCs since they do connect to the HDMI port on a TV. I got one from my son for Christmas and I am impressed. He also gave me a combination keyboard, airmouse and IR remote. The combination of devices works really well. It gives you the equivalent of a giant tablet running Android 4.0.with, so far, two limitations...no touch screen and no ability to use gyroscope movement since that is used by the airmouse to move a cursor. There is very little in the way of docs or FAQs or any other background information on the technology. My biggest disappointment is the (so far) inability to play 100 Floors because it uses those two functions. But I have only begun to delve into the hidden capabilities. Anyone else out there have one????
  2. Aseries

    One more puzzle palace.

    Well, I've forumed everything else (but not Apple) so I might as well do this, too. Retired from 40 years of IT support for 5 years and I just don't know when to quit. I'm a little late to the Android party but I'm in it now with my Kindle Fire, Kyocera Rise and the Latest Thing... a MK802 mini-PC with an Air Mouse remote keyboard.