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  1. Android is security. The security is from the Internet rather than the device itself. And if you use the Android device to pay for something on Internet, then you should take care about it.
  2. Do you mean Asphalt 8: Airborne? It is a great one. I have checked out this one. Thanks for your suggestion.
  3. Here I would like to share 5 best free call blocker apps for Android. 1.Call Blocker(Android 2.0.1+) As a good call filter for Android, Call Blocker can block both the calls and SMS.It supports Chinese,English, German,French,Portugal and Spanish languages. Features: Black List –Block unwanted calls (Reject calls, forward or reply with an auto-SMS) –Block spam SMS (accept phonebook only or simply block black list) Contact Backup –Back up contacts to a server, so you never lose them! –Transfer data to new phone (available cross-platform to Symbian / Android / BlackBerry device) Privacy Eraser –Quickly and easily erase the call history, delete SMS messages between your phone and individual contacts permanently to protect private data. Private Space (Premium) –Automatically move private contacts’ messages and call logs to a Private Space so that they don’t appear in the phone’s regular SMS and call logs –Keep secrets by hiding the icon as displayed on the main screen, so that nobody knows you are using Private Space. -Protect your REAL space by creating one or more fake spaces. If anyone wants your password, show her/him the fake one! 2.Call Control - Call Blocker (Android 1.5+) If you want a featured call blocker and blacklist app, then you can try Call Control.It is a very special Call Blocker for Android with a Community Blacklist – unwanted callers that are flagged by our community of over 2.5M Call Control users and FCC Do Not Call reporters are blocked automatically. You’d have to enter 1,000’s of numbers into other call blocking applications to match the power of Call Control! Features: - Block Unwanted + Spam Calls and SMS/Text Messages... All in ONE App! - Community Blacklist - Thousands of spammers blocked right out of the box! - Blocked Calls Don't Ring! Send calls to Voicemail or Hang Up on the caller. - Personal Blacklist and Whitelist - Add any phone number or area code (3 number limit in free version). - FCC Do Not Call integration, reported offenders are blocked automatically. - Pickup and Hang up mode, blocked calls don't go to Voicemail. (Works on Gingerbread!) - Online and Local Backup - Save all of your lists both online and to your SD card for easy restoration or transfer to another device. - Free Reverse Lookup – Search any unknown telephone number and find out who’s calling you. - Community Blacklist Sample One Time Update - Go Pro for Full Blacklist and Daily Updates! - Free Automatic Community Blacklist Updates (Pro version). - Block by Area code (i.e. 206, 888, 800) - Block Private & Unknown Callers - Call Log Integration – Blacklist, Whitelist and Lookup right from your Android’s Call Log. - Privacy modes – Contacts Only, Whitelist Only, Contacts and Whitelist and Block All Calls. - Call waiting blocking supported. - 100% Ad Free! 3.Mr. Number-Block calls, texts(Android 2.1+) Going with the function of fast and free texting with your friends, Mr. Number can be the best alternative of your old text and calling apps.And you can even identify unknown callers with true Caller ID if you live in US. Features: - Complete dialer and text messenger - Fast free messaging to friends on Mr. Number with delivery and read-receipt - Quick reply to messages without opening the app - Caller ID (automatic reverse lookup) for every number that is not in your contacts, outbound and inbound (US Only) - Block calls and texts from one person, an area code, or the world - One inbox for all your calls and texts or swipe to see calls, texts, MMS, or blocked - View all contacts with phone numbers, your top 25, and everyone you know on Mr. Number - Keep track of who you need to call back and who you never call at all - Catch telemarketers and debt collectors before they waste your time - Report spam calls, SMS, and MMS to warn other users - Create your own Caller ID and text message signature 4.Calls Blacklist(Android 2.1+) If you want to keep any number from calling you again and again, then Calls Blacklist will be very helpful for you.Just like other Android call blocker apps, it can block the specific mobile number and all incoming calls. Features: - Numbers blacklist (blocking incoming calls and SMS) - Blocked calls and SMS journal - Blocking anonymous (private) numbers - Blocking all incoming calls - Blocking all incoming SMS - Notification of blocked calls and SMS (can be disabled in the settings) - Password protection 5.Truecaller - Caller ID & Block(Android 2.3.3+) True caller is another productive calls management application for android smartphones. It allows you to lookup mobile as well as landline number from all over the world. So you will get unknown caller’s information before answering the call. You can find you friends contact numbers from a directory of over 950+ phone numbers worldwide and also connect to them on Facebook using true caller application. Features: • Caller ID - Helps you identify who’s calling before answering (Requires 3G or Wifi) • Block calls - Gives you access to our extensive top spammers list and allows you to quickly block calls from all numbers reported as spam • Reverse number lookup for both mobile and landline numbers – Truecaller even finds numbers to pre-paid phones • Integrated with Twitter for boosted search results and communication options to Tweet and Follow a person directly from Truecaller • Keeps your phonebook beautiful and up-to-date with photos and more from the Truecaller community, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ • Enables you to create your own Truecaller profile • Widget – See your call history from the launcher Source: Android Garden
  4. Angry birds is a very great and simple game to get through your boring time.
  5. Games are becoming very important in our life and playing with a few friends is more exciting.So,you may want to play some great multiplayer games with your friends when you are free. I share some best new free Android games in 2013 a few days ago and today let's have a look at the followingbest free Android Multiplayer games. 1.Tip-Off Basketball(Android 2.3+) As the winner of the Opera Top Apps Award 2012 in the Games / Arcade category,Tip-Off Basketball shaves the popular sport down to its very core: shooting baskets. You throw balls by dragging your finger around to adjust the shot trajectory, with extra points for combos and the almighty swish. Network play is locked out until you reach level five in the solo career, at which point you can challenge friends or random strangers to some one-on-one action.Just like what Pixel-freak.com said, "If you miss out on Tip-Off, you missed out on something special." 2.SAS: Zombie Assault 3(Android 2.3.3+) SAS: Zombie Assault 3 helps you prepare with a top-down dual-stick co-operative survival against the zombie hoardes in any of three different modes (only the first of which is available at the beginning of play).Onslaught is just a matter of survival, Apocalypse keeps the waves coming forever, and Purge gives you the initiative to hunt zombies down instead of waiting for them to come to you. Level up and you can get better weapons and join more skilled players in the quest to extinguish zombies once and for all. 3.Critical Strike Portable(Android 2.0.1+) If you’ve been playing first-person shooters for a while, though, you’ll want to try Critical Strike Portable — even if just for the nostalgia. It’s a lovingly-created homage to the 3D multiplayer-only PC classic Counter-Strike, with customizable settings, all the typical game modes, dozens of maps by developers and fans, web, PC/Mac, and mobile multiplayer, and impressive touch controls. The 3060 update removed support for custom controls, though, which sucks for gamepad users. Hopefully that’ll come back with the next release. 4.Parallel Kingdom MMO(Android 2.1+) Similar as Grand Battle,Parallel Kingdom MMO offers you a more old-school MMORPG experience, which throws you into a top-down 2D world with trade hubs, chat rooms, and airships. It’s also incredibly inventive and forward-thinking, with your phone’s location services used to render the action in the real world. You’ll fight epic battles over our world’s largest cities and shape the game world with your actions. 5.Pocket Legends(Android 2.2+) Pocket Legends was one of the first mobile massively multiplayer online games back in 2011, and it’s still going strong today. Its fantasy setting goes somewhat off the beaten track by including a bear and a hawk among the playable characters and crocodiles, aliens, and zombies among the enemies.The game has you covered whether you’re the player-killing type, a loner, or a co-op addict, with its best quality from my perspective being that it dumbs down the insane interfaces of PC MMOs without overly simplifying the mechanics. Source: Android-garden
  6. Thanks, this game is really great, I played it with my friends. Very fun.
  7. I have found these new and great Android games and share it in the following. 1.Grand Battle--MMO Strategy:War If you want to find a realistic MMO strategy game, then just try Grand Battle.You act as a commander to lead your army, tanks, and real battle forces to launch a bloody war against your enemy in the fierce battlefield.And the game has updated to 6.3.1 which offers you a very awesome interface. 2.Terraria Terraria is an arcade game which players will explore different environments, dig, build, and fight. Terraria features over 75 monsters, 5 bosses, and an exclusive Android pet. While playing the game, players will receive notifications that they can purchase the paid version for $4.99. 3.Layton Brothers Mystery Room Layton Brothers Mystery Room is a new crime-solving mystery game from Level-5 Inc. Players need to follow Inspector Alphendi Layton and his new partner, Detective Constable Lucy Baker, as they work extraordinary cases in the "Mystery Room" in Scotland Yard. Uncover details behind each crime, examine suspicious objects, and call in witnesses to see if they have anything to hide. See if you can solve the mystery of all nine files. 4.Madden NFL 25 Madden NFL 25 by EA Sports will give football fans the ultimate football experience. Choose your favorite NFL players and build the perfect team. Dominate the field and take on friends in offensive shootout mode. Madden NFL 2 features sharp gameplay and realistic graphics. 5.Final Fantasy All The Bravest Final Fantasy: All the Bravest is an action game developed by Square Enix Co., Ltd. Battle enemies and advance to different stages. To unleash an attack simply tap a character. Defeat Final Fantasy foes and add more members to your team. Unlock over 20 different jobs including warrior, red mage, monk, and more. At the end of each stage, players can battle the Final Fantasy boss. Source: Best 5 Free and New Android Games in 2013 Anyone has other suggestions? Updated: In the following, there will be a suggestions from other good people. Galaxy Wars TD (suggested by chrissyhume) Android Sports Games (Suggested by danyjerry53 ) Asphalt 8: Airborne (Suggested by John Farrell) New Found Fun Games SlotWiz - free casino slots( A free casino slots game, very fun)
  8. It seems there are some software which can solve your problem, but I haven't use one, you can search the keyword recover android data on the web to find the great solution.
  9. Still stick to the Nexus 7. Galaxy Note 8 will bring a higher budget.
  10. I think you can try Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which is very good.
  11. Video and music surely play an important role in entertainment on Android smartphones and tablets. so how to download free music for Android or how to get free music for Android? Here I would like to share 3 best ways to get free music to Android phone or Android tablet. 1.Get free hot music without Virus via PC When we download things from the web, the thing we may be worried about is if it is not safe. So, I just want to suggest you to recording the music from the music streaming website with an audio recording tool on PC. Fresh, isn’t it? And you can just find your favorite music on the Internet and then record it and transfer it to your Android. Not complicated to get free hot music. 2.Use free Android apps to download free music for Android Of course, there are some free Android apps letting us download free music on Android. But note that free music may be something kind of old and unpopular. Then all you need to do is download a free music download app, install and launch it, and finally search and download music. For free music downloading app for Android, I would like to suggest Download free music MP3 App and MP3 Music Download Pro. Download Free music MP3 app is very simple but useful in searching and downloading millions of free music and MP3s from public search engine. MP3 Music Download Pro offers the similar service like Download Free music MP3 app, but the music can be downloaded with lyric and Album cover. The highlight of MP3 Pro is you can cut the songs you downloaded and set them as ringtones. 3.Go to Website to download free music for Android Indeed, there are some websites which offers the free music, and benefiting from the technology, our Android smartphones and tablets can download free music from the website just like PC. You can check these safe and legal websites: Amazon, ccmixter, last.fm, freemusicarchive and more. Note that, these free music are probably not the hot music or the music on the radio. Source: How to Download Free Music for Android Phone or Android Tablet?
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