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  1. Hi, Thanks foryour reply. reboot is done n no of times. What i feel is problem with radio files. Not sure how to update radio files. Regards, Vikas
  2. Hi, I've HTC Incredible S phone. It was working absolutly fine on Gingerbread but after upgrading it to ICS 4.04 It is having a problem of week network signals where it used to get strong network signal. So the problem is in 3G data. Though it shows 3G signals are coming but no internet access. I've done the factory reset as well but still issue persists. I had done the factory reset with sim in it and now after that it is not accepting any other service provider sim card. Any solution for it. Is it a known issue in HTC Incredible S after this upgrade? If yes then what is the solution? Regards, Vikas
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