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  1. I still fall in love with the Galaxy Note 2, you know, the screen is large enough for me to watch videos, read books. Truthfully, it is the best of the four. Nexus 4 is also great for its great specs and great price.
  2. Recently I have found that many people are asking such a question: Should I Buy the Nexus 4 or Wait for the Galaxy S4? Yes, it is also the question bothering me lots. The Nexus 4 is currently one of the best Android smartphones on the market and the device has won countless hearts of the fans. While Samsung Galaxy S4 is the most anticipated high-end mobile in 2013 and it is an extremely viable option for someone looking to buy a smartphone now. So, which phone to buy? No decision? Maybe below reasons could help you make a stand! Reasons to Buy the Nexus 4 Cheap Off-Contract Price Certainly the most attractive point on Nexus 4 is its unlocked price through Google Play Store. While most high-end phones are tagged with $500+ off-contract price tags like iPhone 5, Google just sells the Nexus 4 for $299 for an 8GB and $349 for a 16GB model. Those prices of Nexus 4 are virtually unheard of in the world of unlocked smartphones and that is also the big reason why the mobile flew off the shelves soon. If you are unwilling to break the bank and sign up for a 2-year agreement with a carrier, Nexus 4 is the solid choice. The Galaxy S4 will almost certainly come with an expensive off-contract price point. First to Updates The obvious benefit of a Nexus phone is that the device will receive major Android updates and Android bug fix updated before devices not called Nexus. Galaxy S4, just like its brother S3, will get the update quite later. Vanilla Android Another benefit is that the Nexus 4 comes with a stock version of Android, meaning that the device is a pure Google Android experience, untouched by a manufacturer. Instead, the Galaxy S4 will likely be outfitted with Samsung's Nature UX software. Anyone looking for the cleaner software experience will want to look closely at the Nexus 4. Premium Specs Nexus 4 sports a large 720p display, which delivers great experience while watching all kinds videos on it. It also comes equipped with a camera that is on par with iPhone 5's, a quad-core processor which bodes well for use in the future and a battery supplying high quality battery life. Yes, Galaxy S4 will likely blow Nexus 4 out of the water from a specs standpoint, but for you don't care about next-gen tech, the Nexus 4 definitely works as an option. Built-In Wireless Charging Beyond the basic hardware specifications is one smaller feature that should be enticing to you. The Nexus 4 comes equipped with built-in wireless charging, which means that you could use it in conjunction with a dock to charge without wires. It’s not confirmed yet but it’s looking like Samsung will not be offering built-in wireless charging with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and will instead look to sell a wireless charging kit separately from the device. Those looking to wirelessly charge with less hassle will want to look closer at the Nexus 4. Easy to Customize The last component of a Nexus device is the fact that it comes easily rootable and with an unlocked bootloader. The Nexus 4 is extremely easily to customize with ROMs, skins and more. Samsung is generally good about keeping its devices rootable and unlockable, however, those looking to snag the phone on Verizon will likely come into contact with an encrypted bootloader. So, those looking for personalizing their smartphone easily may want to consider the Nexus 4 route. It’s the easiest route and safe travels are guaranteed. Source from Should I Buy the Nexus 4 or Wait for the Galaxy S4?
  3. RavenMarion

    Switch iPhone to Android

    I am considering switch my iphone to Galaxy S4, and it will out soon.
  4. Actually I am waiting for the Galaxy S4 for so long, wanting to throw away my iPhone 4S. The features of Galaxy S4 wow me greatly. :D
  5. RavenMarion

    Galaxy Note 8 vs Nexus 7 vs iPad Mini

    Yes, I should admit Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 is quite new, but iPad Mini is still my first choice. My friend bought a iPad Mini recently, it looks amazing and everything runs on it quite well.
  6. RavenMarion

    Which Tablet would you choose?!

    for me, certainly the Asus Transformer Prime TF300. I love its design so much. Just like surface
  7. RavenMarion

    Any thoughts on BlackBerry's Z10? Kill Android?

    Just in person, Galaxy S3 is my first choice. Not BlackBerry Z10 and even not the newly released HTC One. More, Galaxy S4 would be fantastic too.
  8. RavenMarion

    Best Android Phone

    Samsung Galaxy S3 is highly suggested! If you have enough money!
  9. RavenMarion

    buy a android phone

    Actually it is a wise choice to buy your phone from Amazon, personal suggestion!
  10. 1. Google's Next Nexus Tablet For sure, Google will unleash a new wave of Nexus tablets at some point in 2013. Due to the great success of Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, now we are expecting more with Google. Starring back to 2012, we could find that Google has launched its Nexus 7 in June and then Nexus 10 in November. If the company will continue with the same launching speed, it will be the date soon for Google to launch its new Nexus. So, what can we expect from 2013 Google's new tablets? Most likely some features will be added to the next Nexus, such as the features of 3G we could not find in Nexus 10. Also, it may come with 4G network, whopping eight cores, Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, increased hardware capabilities, a microSD card slot, etc. 2. Apple iPad 5 It is generally known that Apple releases a new iPad every year. Most likely you will remind me that they released two! Or Three iPad last year if counting the iPad Mini. It is quite clear Apple has speeded up the launch of iPad tablet, so the wait for a new iPad might not be long. Recently it is rumored that iPad 5 will appear in the March and features a slimmer, lighter design, more in line with iPad Mini. 3. iPad Mini 2 So to say, iPad Mini has got great success in the year 2012 and it is also said that we could see its next brother iPad Mini 2 on March, 2013. There are already lots of rumors about the iPad Mini 2. It will be Apple's next vision towards tablet, comes with a Retina Display with bringing the display up to a rumored 324 pixels per inch. iPad Mini 2 also will go with Apple's newest iOS 7. 4. Microsoft's tablets 2012 was just a start year for Windows 8 tablet. Windows Surface had a great vogue last year, most of its followers were feeling down with its poor hardware. So, we are so expected that Microsoft could show us a series of more powerful Windows tablets in 2013. 5. Amazon Kindle Fire Amazon are having quite great success with their Kindle Fire tablet line. So it is expected that the 3rd generation Kindle Fire is to be launched sometime this year and goes head-to-head with the new Nexus. We all know that Amazon’s Kindle fire is proved to be danger for the low cost Nexus 7 and is great competitor in the market. Expecting from the success of Kindle fire they will surely launch a next true competitor. More info: Upcoming and Most Anticipated Tablets in 2013
  11. RavenMarion

    Galaxy S III

    Yup, S3's screen is quite amazing, but it is not my taste! The build quality is quite poor! Hope Samsung would pay more attention on build quality!
  12. RavenMarion

    Want to buy a phablet :)

    Personally, note is a solid choice. I use note and everything is pretty good!
  13. RavenMarion

    Which Tablet would you choose?!

    Face to face, I will choose Asus Eee Pad Transformer, I love its design just like Surface tablet
  14. RavenMarion

    CES 2013: what to expect?

    Wow, S4 is quite incredible, I wait it for so long!
  15. RavenMarion

    which phone?

    why not get Google Nexus 4, it is indeed a solid choice.