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    Upcoming and Most Anticipated Tablets in 2013

    After comparing most of the 7 inch tablets last fall, I went with the Kindle Fire HD, basically becuase it blew the competition away in how the screen looked for streaming and the sound. It is however a extremely annoying O/S , where I spend 50% of my time on it to find solutions on sideloading features I need to , you know actually be able to surf around and do stuff on the web... After much work Im able to use Flash, Chrome, Hulu, most of the google services I care about, (goggle sky, you tube) and access to most of the games I care about.. Is it worth the hassle? I would still say yes, its still the best small tablet in terms of content delivery out there, but if your not willing to worry about these work arounds, I would say go with the open source Nexus. Im not anti apple BTW, I have a apple phone, but phones are just different, alot of times the cost is absorbed by your contract carrier, so you dont have to worry as much about actual pricing (which only means you can update every two years.. OH the horror to skip one generation of phones) =-P,