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  1. I have to say that I'm a bit miffed by the battery size too. Although I've always been a fan of Sense. Sense 4.0 looks solid from the videos I've seen of it. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  2. Me too, I've always been skeptical of Asus however after owning my Transformer I have to say they make a quality tablet. $200 Pure Google Experience Tablet with Tegra 3? I'm in.
  3. Personally Roy, I am not saddened by this. I saw it coming but I use a Blackberry Torch for my work/company phone and I've found that I don't even use it but rather use my Galaxy Nexus for setting up Patient runs, emailing and so on. The keyboard made me sad. However what I get from it is the possibility that this too could happen to our beloved Android and their iOS rival. I do agree that it played a pivotal role in how we use our smartphones today.
  4. Nexus Tablet Stories - Link So I am curious on everyone's opinions out there regarding the rumored Nexus Tablet down the line. I've been reading that while currently it's said that the device isn't getting the Tegra 3 workings NVIDIA hinted that we'd see Tegra 3 in Sub-$200 devices so we very well could see it in the nexus tablet. That being said. Does the idea of a cheaper "nexus" tablet interest you guys? I honestly, after having the Galaxy Nexus, love the idea of having one and after owning the Transformer, I wouldn't mind Asus being the manufacturer. What say you?
  5. I had no issues with Chrome on any of the ROMS I used. Codename, Gummynex, etc. Never a problem.
  6. I don't see it being an issue, I've never used flash all too much in my mobile browsing experience and I've gotten along just fine. Given the energy drain that flash can cause dropping flash support makes sense.
  7. I don't know if any of you guys out there are wanting to or haven't rooted already but I used the ViperMOD Primetime tool found here to root my tablet and it was quick and painless. Once I rooted the device I flashed Codename Android but found I missed some of the aspects the Asus rom had (mostly widgets). Then I installed ROM manager and flashed Clockwork before reading about the issues it caused. So with that being said. Whatever you guys do, until it gets fixed, do not install clockwork recovery from ROM manager. It causes a bug where you reboot into Clockwork by default and it takes a bit of ADB magic to get out. This can be troublesome if you are having reboot issues where the tablet spontaneously reboots on its own because it will reboot into clockwork and the battery will die as the tablet just remains on. Just a word of caution. I'm curious, what root methods have you guys had success with and are any of you having this clockwork recovery issue?
  8. Jack Holt


    I agree with both of these. I loved my Xoom but it felt strange and bulky. Although it did feel pretty solid compared to my transformer. I would probably change the placement of the power button. I used to accidentally hit that when I was playing various games.
  9. I thought about doing the same to my account to get the Droid 4 to play with however you'll still have to pay the data plan fees as well. So it may seem like it's 10 a month at first it's actually around $40.
  10. I love my Nexus too, like you Jim the only times I ever boot loop the device is if I forget to wipe data, cache or restore my TB app back ups with the app data. Other than that, I have yet soft brick the device.
  11. Here's my lockscreen :D I know it's not a homescreen but it looks too awesome to not post.
  12. Here's my newer Sense 4.0-esque set up. The way sense 4.0 and ICS should look. :D
  13. Well the new update came out last night and I have to say that I am happier with the tablet. No more freezes or reboots. :D
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