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  1. tekmosis

    Chrome BETA only for ICS

    I've flashed an ICS rom on my S2 and I find Chrome to be pretty laggy and freezes, it's pretty much unusable. I'm associating this to the fact that I'm running a rom though so I'm not annoyed by the fact that it doesn't properly work.
  2. tekmosis

    Android Market Now "Google Play"

    I'm not too excited about the re-branding. I think this was a poor choice on their part. The only thing good I see about this so far is the $0.45 apps they put on sale.
  3. tekmosis

    Hi Guyz Admin Must Check

    Hey ★ѕραякℓιηg ѕтαя★, welcome to the forum. I don't think becoming staff works as easily as just asking though ;)
  4. tekmosis

    Chrome BETA only for ICS

    ah man, I wish I checked here first before I went looking on the market. I didn't realize it was for ICS only.
  5. tekmosis

    New Mouse! Razer Orochi

    I'm interested in an Orochi so it's great to see someone with one as I have a couple of questions. What is the range before you start losing function of the mouse? and does it just cut off or get sketchy? Also, In my situation I'd leave the mouse at work and take the laptop home with me. If I come back into the office will the mouse automatically pair with laptop again? or automatically pair if you shut down and start up again / pair if you turn bluetooth off and back on?
  6. tekmosis

    [Vid] Demo of Ubuntu running on Android

    If possible, I'll probably check this out on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 first. I have a spare monitor at work so it'd be pretty nice to be able to dock my tab :D I also wonder how it'll handle widgets and such. I think I have an account on OCC but I don't actively post. I'm a developer for Neoseeker, so you've probably seen my name come up here and there as I've done some work on TA and OCC in the past.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pZUCKt0RKc It seems like one the most talked about topics as of late is Ubuntu for Android. This is the first demo of it that I've seen and I'm quite impressed. From what I've heard you need at least a dual core to run it.
  8. tekmosis

    Google Wallet questions

    How can I tell if my S2 has NFC or not? My model number is GT-I9100 edit: I found an app called "Z-Device Test" and nope...no NFC for me.
  9. Currently it's ONE OK ROCK edit: fail! I was a day late on this, hah.
  10. With the recent launch of Google Wallet in the US, from my understanding it's only available so far on the Google Nexus w/ ICS. Will you be able to use Google Wallet with say, the Galaxy S2 or is it a hardware restriction as well? I figured it would work via Bluetooth or WiFi but I'm not sure. I would like to be able to use it when/if it becomes available in Canada.
  11. tekmosis

    What's that App?

    Calculations 4.0, in which you did an article on TA for :P
  12. tekmosis

    Have you Rooted your Phone?

    I rooted my phone, only reason being was to disable the camera shutter noise. Other than that I'm not aware of what benefits rooting would give me and I haven't really looked into it much.
  13. tekmosis

    What Carrier do you have for service?

    I'm on Rogers (Canada) on a Galaxy S2. After travelling around Europe, I've noticed that Rogers 3G is quite slow and tethering is quite bad.