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  1. I have purchased several Micro-USB cables from a local electronics store. All of them do not charge my Samsung galaxy S6. A generic $5 cable from Staples charges my phone just fine. No one else seems to have this problem with the stores cables. Does anyone know of a USB cable tester to troubleshoot this?
  2. I want to move pictures from my phone to my laptop via bluetooth. I have the devices paired and windows says they are connected. The Transfers fail in both directions.
  3. I recently purchased an Automatic Bluetooth ODB reader. The provided phone app does not display real time data. I need help finding an android app that can display battery voltage, MPG, ect. Ideas?
  4. The device was getting very hot, running slowly, & the battery life is horrible. Thus I wanted to fix it. 1. I can't seem to access am GS 4's boot loader for the life of me. I have tried volume down + power + home & volume down + power + home. Neither button combo does anything. My phone just boots normal after releasing the buttons. Is there a trick? This is child's play on Nexus devices. I wanted to wipe the cache partition. ** The phones's security policy disallows that from within the OS :( (fork you Samsung!) I wound up doing an FDR instead. ** 2. I am looking for a less bloated rom for this thing. T-mobile's stock OS has too many annoyances and blot. I would like the Google play edition rom but I can't find ANY variants of it anywhere. I know where to get the Nexus roms but not GPE. Another thing:
  5. Yo, I recently setup privoxy for the purpose of getting rid of junk that detracts from useful content on sites that refuse to create mobile friendly pages. http://viralchoka.net/is a big offender. I have the proxy working okay when using my desktop. I went through the procedure of importing easylist filters, there is a guide :). I also added the proxy information to the wifi settings. But on my N7 all the "stuff" is present :( Thoughts?
  6. Thanks. It turned out I had the wrong cable. I remedie that and the flash drive works like a charm.
  7. Hey all, I recently bought a cable that should (I have herd) allow me to connect USB accessories. I tried a flash drive and it did not work.** When I google "Nexus 7 USB accessories I say OTG cables (which I have) and cases up to wazzo for sale Not what I need right now. Are only certain things like keyboards (have not tried that yet) supported? **
  8. This is off the paths that we usually blaze, but still cool. Basically, diabetic DIYers have been developing a means of having a Dexcom continuous glucose monitor to communicate with an android smartphone. Personally, I think it would be awesome to be able to use my phone (or better yet google glass) as a BG viewer and remote for my insulin pump. Now if this rig only worked for medtronic devices. http://bit.ly/1DNiZ4B
  9. Hey gang. OI know I don't hang out here much. Anyway. I nave a nexus 7 tablet. However the majority of my digital content is from amazon. What i need is a means of playing my amazon videos on my N7. I know that the Kindle fire is Android based but obviously Amazon wants to sell me a Kindle rather than give out an app that plays its videos on nexus devices. Thus I need a means of finding and installing the amazon player via .apk. Is there a non PITA way to do this?
  10. G2x on T-Mobile. Service is good most of the time. I wish they'd get something better than 2g after MP 38 on i90 though.
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