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  1. Just cuz. Surprisingly, runs decent with all the details set to low, which is fine on such a small screen.
  2. Get a cheap USB Host Cable (OTG) off of Amazon and pair it up with this app.
  3. Never was really comfortable reading on my Xoom, tended to pick up my fiance's Fire and read off of that instead. Since getting the Nexus 7 that's changed. Its a great size for reading books and documents. More comfortable to game on in many instances too. An 8.9" though... aside from losing pocketability, I think that would be ideal for me.
  4. Just wanted to say I have the "barely" extended battery from Verizon, but my battery life is a bit erratic. If I 'm at work all day I start getting low battery notifications around 7PM. However if I'm at home or around that area at least my battery life can be substantially better. It seems this phone tries too hard to search for signal. I live in a well covered 4G area but work in in an interior office building with, typically, 1x. Here's a pic of my battery life on a good day with the 2100mAh battery (This is also on AOKP ROM and Franco Kernel).
  5. Yeah so in my case, my android device had bluetooth built in so it was able to communicate with the bluetooth mouse just fine. sounds like you are trying to add bluetooth to a device which currently doesnt have it. If thats the case, I havent tried it. My instinct would be to say it wont work due to drivers like you said, but Android, ICS+ at least, picks up mice, keyboards, and gamepads just fine so maybe....
  6. FU3L


    The MOTOACTV quietly updated today and now can display Facebook, Twitter, and Accuweather! I've been wanting weather on this thing for quite some time now and its finally here. Now if it would only do Gmail...
  7. Yeah its cool and all, if I didn't already have a tablet I'd be vying for something like that, but still, haven't seen a tablet released that made me look upon my Xoom with utter disgust and rush to craigslist to dump it and move on. (This was the situation between my Samsung Charge and Galaxy Nexus lol). I honestly like most everything about the Xoom. Sturdy magnesium build, latest greatest software without "enhancements," good size user base for ROMS and such, and its was the first so there's a nostalgia factor lol. So yeah doesn't keep up with everything out there, but it will take more from new products before I feel the need to switch. However, in accordance with your original post, if I was given a fist full of cash and told "have at em tiger" then yeah, I'd also pick the TF300.
  8. I have yet to see a tablet come out that made me want to ditch my Xoom, we'll see if my sentiments change come Google I/O.
  9. You could hook the Android up to a PC either by USB or perhaps just using the SD Card if it has one. In either case just copy paste everything, once hooked up, to a folder on the computer. Then download a program that lets you explore the iPhone's folders from your PC. Unlike Android, iPhone doesn't have this feature built in.
  10. FU3L

    NANO slim

    Hi Lawrie, First off, I can't help but wonder what your walls are made of? If its drywall, the WiFi signal should do alright for a generous distance, typically 30ft or so. As for adding a LAN/USB connection, it has been done in the past with some Android powered tablets but it required custom drivers for the devices in question. I don't think you'll be able to find anything in that regard, particularly since Cyclone Nano sells a non slim version with Ethernet. The CD that came with the product you purchased no doubt holds drivers, however, those drivers are going to be designed for PC and Mac. (Side note, I do believe Honeycomb 3.0+ devices are able to support USB disc drives since they are supposed to have USB Host mode). I wasn't able to find much support on their website either, so I think your best bet is to figure out how to get the WiFi working. It looks like your Nano Slim is running Android 2.3 "Gingerbread". Therefore, in order to connect to your wireless you can best do so by going to your app tray, choosing Settings, then Wireless and Networks, then WiFi Settings. Make sure WiFi is checked (if there is a check box even, may be a little bit different for this device) and then your network's SSID should show up under WiFi Networks. As for your password, that's something you should have set up on your home router. If you never setup your router, your password may be the typical default of "password" or "admin".
  11. FU3L


    Well here it a couple months later and I finally pulled the trigger on the MotoActv. I was able to get it an 8GB for $220 at Best Buy with the wrist strap included for free. Also, now the device is officially supported on non Moto phones which is good news for my Galaxy Nexus. I have to say this thing is fantastic. To quote Apple, it just works. I can tell a lot of thought and love went into this device. It's the little things like a flick of the wrist to wake and glance at the clock for a 5 second interval. The one touch for music and workout is dead simple. The UI is good too, despite it being blur! Swishing through the menus is perfectly fluid, perhaps the best I've seen on Android, though obviously the elements on screen aren't as processor intense. Getting texts on the tiny screen are instantaneous and being able to see the caller id on my wrist while biking and be able to answer using the included headphones with inline microphone is pretty satisfying feeling. There's a lot of "smart" baked into this device, for instance I start running and MotoActv realizes its time to start logging activity, meanwhile I never even touched it. Its been keeping track of what music correlates to my increased activity too, so when I slow down it knows how to motivate me. I'm just starting to delve into the fitness aspect but I'm already wildly impressed. I've played with the Sony LiveView, and the Sony Smartwatch and to me, if it weren't for the apps, they wouldn't hold a candle, at all. It feels really well built and premium. I'll be taking more notes as I use it, but feel free to AMA.
  12. Maybe I'm not thinking of the same thing, but have you tried going to settings -> security -> install from storage ? Perhaps you can drop your certificate on the SD or USB it over and install.
  13. Which app/accessory are you trying to use for the credit card processing?
  14. There's actually a complicated answer to this question, but it is possible, sorta. If you're the author of the java app in question you can get it running but it will require you change some things. That is to say Android doesn't support J2ME out of the box and actually was written as a more powerful alternative. So if you have a J2ME application that you want to run on Android device, you want to port the code to make best use of Android API features and achieve best performance. While basically all of the core Java libraries are there, stuff like Swing and AWT libraries are not, so your GUI will require an overhaul. If you are not a developer and are rather just looking to run something existing, perhaps something like the link below can help. I'm not certain it will though. Good Luck! http://www.talkandroid.com/51001-run-java-games-and-apps-on-your-android-device-jbed/ Also this supposedly tries to automate the conversion from jar to apk, but is likely buggy. http://www.netmite.com/android/index.html This bridging library may be of some use too, here you go just in case. http://www.assembla.com/wiki/show/j2ab
  15. This is so full of WIN I had to share it! lol Honestly, I've got the Galaxy Nexus now and I can't fathom using my old Incredible anymore much less an iPhone, if only for the size. The Note looks pretty huge in person, but if it were a Nexus I would probably grow to love it. Hope y'all "Like This" pic ;)
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