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  2. It's because the worlds view on a phone that's a touch screen and black screams "IPHONE!" even though it's the only possible real way to design a fully-touch phone...
  3. I've been keeping tabs on this myself, since I'm a GSII droidy. Although the official approximate date is March 1st, remember that it's approximate. It also has to do with your carrier and if Samsung actually gets it out in time. This is just to be safe to make sure when March 1st rolls along and nothing happens, your head isn't falling off =P
  4. Hey guys! I'm gonna go ahead and compile a list of ROMs and Kernels as suggested by the community. I feel this is a great way to supply information for those who can't sift through 60 pages on XDA, and would like a list of user-given pros and cons. When suggesting a ROM, Kernel or Modification, please make sure your post contains the following requisite information: Name of ROM, Kernel, Mod Developer credit XDA (or other) link Phone model(s) Android Version(s) Features Purpose and/or requisite ROM/Kernel/Mod (if necessary) Pros and Cons Rating (This will be changed according to community input) If you're unsure how to format this information, just use the list below. Thanks for the help! Also, if anyone has any uncatalogued information about a specific item, please post in this thread with the necessary information that will help me to modify the appropriate item. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ROM]CyanogenMod 7.2.0 Alpha Version 4 12/19 playin4sheezy & the crew at CyanogenMod XDA Forums Galaxy SII i727 and i727-r LTE editions 2.3.x ---------- This is CyanogenMod 7.2.0 modified for us GSII LTE users! Pretty much the exact same thing just with the proper modifications to allow LTE users the ability to use it. ---------- Purpose: Get rid of your bloatware and add a ton of new features for the usability of your phone. Information can be found at www.CyanogenMod.com Requires: da_g kernel update for fixes of WiFi antennas and some network issues. Kernel link can be found at the XDA forum link above. Pros and Cons: For a version declared as Alpha, this runs GREAT. No glitches or bugs found thus far as long as you get the da_g kernel running with the ROM. Rating: A+ [ROM] 11/23/11 | Fresh Evo 4.3.3 | OTA 4.54.651.1 | Carrier IQ Removed (Contributed by Psywar) Flipzmode XDA Forums HTC EVO Android 2.3.3 ----------------- Purpose: Gets rid of bloatware and makes the stock Sense UI run pretty smooth. Requires: Rooted phone. Pros and Cons: I have not really found any Cons. One of the best features Flipz added was the ability to update to the newest version of his ROM right though the phone itself. Rating: A+ [ROM] CyanogenMod 7 (Contributed by Psywar) The CyanogenMod Team CyanogenMod.com Multiple Phones (Check site for availability. Also, check XDA Forums for possible dev ROMs that suit your unsupported phone) Android 2.3.7 --------- Purpose: Get rid of bloatware, makes your phone run super, super fast. It is truly like a whole new phone with this ROM. Requires: Rooted Phone. Pros and Cons: Only real Con is the fact that you need to get a GPS and Tether fix. I guess with out the GPS Patch it is off by quite a bit. The Tether fix allows you to use the free wireless tether app. I guess any of the AOSP ROM's require the GPS fix though. Rating: A+ [Kernel] Tiamat 4.1.0 - This is for AOSP ROM's only! (Works with Cyanogen and NOT Fresh Evo (Contributed by Psywar) Tiamat Kernel Developers XDA Forums Certain HTC devices and the Motorola Xoom (Check site for specifics) ------------------ Purpose: Adds an awesome interactive governor and aims to provide ample performance for responsiveness while keeping power consumption in check. Has improved Voltage Tables. Helps immensely with your battery life. The kernel also gives you the ability to use different modes when using your phone like performance mode that will overclock your CPU and other modes that will run lower clock speeds to save you battery. Requires: an AOSP ROM Pros and Cons: It can take up to 72 hours before the Kernel fully takes over. Rating: A+
  5. Rogers up here in Canada. Been through Bell and Telus but find Rogers works well overall. Great 4G service in major cities and decent phone options. Even if they don't get initial rights to sell the major phones, they do eventually get them. Only thing I don't like is the lack of dev support for the i727 in a lot of cases =P
  6. I'm a young one (probably the youngest on the team haha) at 22, and I live in Canada, eh? I currently work in a restaurant preparing to pay my way through college. I'll be taking a 2 year computer programming course (which has an awesome Open-Source course focusing on Android development!) which I plan to extend to a 3 year advanced diploma. I'll most likely then use that to upgrade to a degree in computer sciences. We'll see. I want to use that schooling to be able to provide both paid and open-source development both in software engineering and web design fields =) I'm packing a GS2 i727-r which is my first Android device, and I must say Android is really where it's at, and where it's going to be for a while.
  7. Living in an Igloo (just kidding, I swear winter called in sick this year up here in the great white north) I can't give you any dirt on American carriers, but I know that almost all the Canadian carriers are just as big money-guzzling step-on-your-toes-even-when-you're-already-signing-your-first-born-over-to-them swindlers. I however have had the best experience with Rogers. An ex of mine had issues with Telus and, I've had bad issues with Bell (HTC Touch should have been recalled tbh, worst phone I've ever seen ANYONE use). Rogers does have a fairly decent upgrade system, I was able to get my GS2 upgraded from my cracked-screen iPhone for about $150 after a year (it was retailing for $250 on a 3 year when I did this). I must say though, as tempting as those 3rd party insurances are, they're nothing but hodge podge. They tell you to pay $120 and that's it! No questions asked, just come in and an over the counter (cue extraordinarily large and extraordinarily subtle and mischievous ear-to-ear smile) replacement is yours! Yet when you finally go in to take advantage of this lovely offer, you get slapped with a $100 fee. At which point they tell you it takes 10 business days and six weeks later you're in a commercial tug of war (though it did land me an iPhone4 from my 3GS). Apologies for using the "i" word so many times =P
  8. A good failsafe is always the Crank ringtone. Even though I hear it everywhere now, I still love it =P
  9. Ever since I began using technology I've wanted to mod it or find some way to get increased usability out of it. When I had my iPhone (blah blah, Android wins) I always had it jailbroken and as soon as I upgraded to my GS2 I immediately went to root it. I finally found a Cyanogen kang that will run on an i727 today so I'm glad I'm back into the world of greater customization. If anyone knows any better/interesting i727 ROMS, let me know!
  10. VoilĂ ! Here's mine. It's rooted and I'd love to put Cyanogenmod on it but they don't offer support for the i727-r (Rogers edition). The background is my lovely girlfriend with her Caique parrot Chip!
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