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  1. Maciej

    which type of mobile is the hottest in ur country..

    Here in Poland there are a lot of Apple-haters. Why? We're just too poor to buy iPhones or iPads :) iPhone 5 on release day cost 4500PLN = 1420 USD (without contract). For you maybe it's not a lot, but we prefer cheaper smartphones - Galaxy S series, Nokia Lumia xxx with Windows Phone, some LG and Motorola models. However it doesn't mean we don't use better devices, my girlfriend has SGS III ;)
  2. Check out this 100% free TheftSpy/Antithief app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.seiboldsoft.ssspy It's similar to Cerberus but you don't have to pay and it's also really powerful :) Working fine on my Samsung Galaxy S+. Some features: -read theft's sms -run camera in hidden mode and record the theft (this app will run wifi/hsdpa and send movie to server) -locate your stolen smartphone (GPS) -deactivate and wipe your smartphone remotely Hope you like it :)
  3. Maciej

    All that is required to develop Android apps.

    If you're totally n00b try this: http://appinventor.mit.edu/ You can create really good stuff with this and it's very intuitive, has a lot of tutorials etc.
  4. Maciej

    Does my android tablet play these games

    Hi I got that tablet a month ago and games like these work, but with a lot of problems, you know what I mean, lags, crashes etc.
  5. Maciej

    Android Partition?

    I think you can't change this, but if you can use external memory like 16GB microSDHC, you will be able to use this additional memory for apps. Just install app/game and move to SD card. Simple and it works.
  6. Beemp3.com allows you to download music directly to your mobile phone via 3G/Wifi and it's free to use and download. I think it will help you in saving some money. You can always send that money to me. I'm poor. Best regards sir B)
  7. Maciej

    Issue with downloading app

    Type "twitter apk download" in Google, download APK file from any website, send apk to your Samsung via USB, install and it will work ;-)
  8. Maciej

    Win one of twenty-five FREE copies of Volume+

  9. There's a solution for your problem, sshuvro58, or even two. First but probably you won't use it - some of android devices has java emulator installed in stock rom, for example LG GT540 can run java games and apps. It was my first Android phone and all files were working fine. Second solution - JBED. It needs root and works on better phones. Just download this ZIP file: http://j.mp/IuzllF (version for Android Gingerbread) and flash with CWM. Enjoy!
  10. Maciej

    cant delete apps

    I noticed that after installing some cracked apps they are shown in Google Play as bought. But when I've got notification that there are updates for them, I can't install these updates (error) and even if I delete these cracked apps, I can't buy them - they are still "bought".
  11. Hello, if you need more megabytes you can try these tips: 1. Go to Settings > Application Settings > All, find "Internet" and clear app data and cache, sometimes it takes more than 10, 20, [...] megabytes. You can also check if any other apps took your internal memory. 2. Install "App cachce clean" - it will definitely help you to free a lot of memory. It's very easy to use. 3. Install Titanum backup, press menu button, choose "more" and then press second button "Clean cache (dalvik)" or something like this. I found additional 7MB :-) 4. Optionally you can install another rom, for example a year ago when I've had LG GT540 in stock rom I've had 98MB of internal memory, and after I installed Cyanogenmod rom it was 120MB of free internal memory. 22 additional megabytes. :) I hope it will help you.
  12. Maciej

    cant delete apps

    Yes, I've got the same problem. Don't care, these apps are not stored in you internal memory, so they are only shown in Google Play ;)
  13. Maciej

    Basic app programming.

    Hey bro, here you can find a tutorial, with all steps, how to create Android trivia game called "QuizMe" - that's probably what you are looking for. You'll use App Inventor in Development process, so you don't need to know any programming language: http://beta.appinven...zme/quizme.html that was the tutorial, and here's our App Inventor: http://beta.appinven...du/learn/setup/ it has a lot of tutorial, guides, documents, and other helpful stuff :) Hope you like it! (ooops I know it's too big but I can't find /resize/ option -,-)
  14. Maciej

    software to root my lg optimus P500....

    Here you are: http://bit.ly/GXhTTs :) Try these easy methods. Sorry, I can't post here direct links to the other websites because it could be treated as spam :) Hope you'll do it without any problems :)