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  1. Honestly the best way I have dealt with this is put Google Music Manager on your PC that has your iTunes on it and set the Music Manager to automatically upload your newly downloaded iTunes music right to your Google Music Cloud. You can also use the software to go through your iTunes files and automatically put them on the cloud so you can use them on your Android device.
  2. I keep forgetting your not in the States.
  3. They finally put a quad core in a US phone eh? I was wondering when/if they were going to. I heard the Quads were having issues with the LTE Network. BTW: That's pretty sick looking! Hope you enjoy it!
  4. Welcome to the Community! I like Beautiful Widgets as well when I am not running HTC Sense 4.0 on my phone.
  5. Dropbox I think is the easiest method.
  6. Yeah, I have been looking. I forgot I asked this so I tweeted you guys last night at work about it. I have not been able to find anything about it on Google.
  7. I am using the new HTC Evo LTE - the phone is a bit bigger than the OG Evo 4G that I used to have, but it still fits in my hand and my pockets as well as the OG Evo did. In fact I am even using the Defender Series Otterbox case on this new phone and it's about as thick that the OG Evo with a case on it. While the screens are getting bigger, the phones are getting slimmer. So keep that in mind. I have not been posting anything about my phone here. Mostly on Facebook and G+. I'll add some screenies at the bottom. This was pretty much all day use of Web Browsing and Facebook. This was hardly using the phone at all over the weekend. This is Yvonne Strahovski my dream girlfriend. :wub:
  8. Yeah, while I do love the Nexus 7. I really wish it was the Nexus 10. My Mom has the kindle. I do like it, but it is a tad too small.
  9. That's a good point. I never really thought of that. I don't really use my tablet for much more than making music with it. I could see using it on a plane trip somewhere for vacation for movies though.
  10. Hey quick question. Tad off topic. I remember hearing them announce TV was coming to Google Play. I still have not seen anything dealing with TV on the application. Was that a more of a "Coming soon." or is that just a 4.1 thing?
  11. I had this happen before as well. Google has another device of yours setup on your account. My old HTC Evo 4G is on mine, so when I go to install an app from the Net. It sends it to my old device that I don't have anymore. Your best bet is to just download it from the Google Play Store. Or download the APK file from somewhere. Send it to your gmail account and then login to your gmail account on your Samsung Ace and download it that way. I am not sure how to change your primary device on your Google account. So maybe someone else will chime in on how to do this and then you can just install from the net.
  12. I am excited. I like the "Siri" type feature they are adding. I think they expected more claps and cheers for the "Butter" part of the Keynote. I do like that even though the eye's cant see it. They are still working on improving the performance. I hope my HTC Evo LTE gets a 4.1 Update soon after they roll it out.
  13. I personally think 8GB will be fine.. Everything is going Cloud Base. Right now I have most of my Music Collection on Google's Cloud so I don't even need any space on my phone for it. I have an iPad 16gb and I think I have only used 2gigs worth of space on that. My iPod Touch I use for the Freezer at work to listen to music only has 8GB and I have used 5GB of it.. Most of it is full of tracks/playlist I wont ever even listen to. I dunno my opinion is for $199 bucks you cant go wrong for a Toy Tablet. I would like to get my hands on that Nexus Q though.. You guys should get one and give it away to me to review.. :P
  14. My new phone has the option (in the wifi options) to connect to 2.4GHz or 5GHz band. Check to see if your's does. If it does switch it to 2.4GHz only. See if that helps.
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