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    I dont think so... the HDMI on the 808B carries sound over the HDMI so if you use any type of converter you'll lose sound
  2. .avi movies will play natively on the S4 just like the S2 and S3....
  3. dr_bowtie


    8gb internal SD and 512mb onboard.. the 512mb is a little weak for a 8gb tablet.... most are 1gb / 8gb
  4. no link he's saying he got a Spam PM and he tried to hit the Report button in the PM and got the error.... I got a Spam PM the other day and it is still in my inbox and I just tried the report button and it works for me... although I did FAS the member the other day
  5. you wont void your warranty installing another keyboard or even installing or using Swype... I'd try to do a calibration and see what happens... after that you might try going to the manufactures website and get an upgraded firmware if there is one.
  6. Beings things are becoming more and more mobile and we do love our portability and easy of use i have tried a few tablets. I got started early last year when one of my sons brought me a Wonder Media 8650 knock off tablet to fix that had a busted rom... Up until that point I hadn't even touched a tablet. For the cheap they work well and I decided right then to pick up a cheap tablet to teeth on. I ended up ordering a Zenithink zt-280 7in tablet. It works very well but just like other cheap tablets battery life is short being i can get 3-4 hours of hard use or most of the day with moderate use. After Looking at better brand tablets such as Asus, Samsung, Google and what have you I decided I wanted a "Good" tablet. I was looking at different Asus tablets and then the Google Nexus 7. The only thing that turned me off of the Nexus 7 was lack of Micro-SD slot. I was looking more between the Asus Transformer and the Samsung Tab 2 tablets but I found a place having a killer deal on the grey 32gb Note 10.1 and I ended up buying one of those. That, hands down, is the best tablet out so far i think. Chock full of features and battery life is just awesome. it easily goes a week on stand-by and several days on a charge with moderate use and several weeks fully charged when powered off. most of it comes down to personal preference when making a purchase. I'd say get the most powerful tablet you can for the lowest price...
  7. I'm still on Cricket. I just upgraded the the Samsung Galaxy S3 on the JB 4.1.2 update. Unrooted and coverage is still great. No 4G yet but its coming...
  8. The wal-mart cell phone plan is Family mobile which is a limited T-Mobile plan in our area... it is just as good as T-Mobile but limited. It is half the price of the regular t-mobile plan but so is the plan value.
  9. I haven't found really any "cons" yet.... The tablet works very well. The reported issue is the WiFi range is short but can be modified by changing the antenna. Not a real issue for me. It plays games well as i have installed a Humble game pack and have been playing games like Anomoly and Fieldrunner...and listening to music at the same time. This tablet comes with Adobe Flash 10.2 but it is NOT installed and you cannot get it from the market. I only learned of this by going to the Zenithink site and downloading and installing the latest firmware and there was a News Link for installing flash. The only downside is the single core CPU as it does lag on Facebook Flashed based games. I knew it would and I didnt plan on using the tablet for that anyhow. Video quality is great especially gaming although I hear that the 9.7inch tablet have IPS panels (C91 and C97) Sound quality is decent from the onboard speaker and the use of headphones is superb. Apps open and close fluid like and quickly. Other than trying Facebook flash games I have not been able to lag the tablet. As far as the WM-8850? I have no clue but for the price I will be picking one up... I'll bet the ram fills a little quicker but the extra speed will be nice but we shall see :)
  10. the 3.2 is dead end...4.1 is current with a lot of tablets running 4.0 As far as whats good and whats not thats hard to tell. I got into tablets by accident with being brought a clone tablet with a busted OS. This was a cheap 50.00 WonderMedia VIA 8650 knock off tablet. Good for kids but not much else. It also had 512/1gb ram and storage. slow A8 800mhz CPU and couldn't run a movie without lag During the coarse of trying to get his fixed I surfed several forums for answers as knock off tablets also have knock off firmware and will only work on those tablets and real firmware will not. I also learned about other tablets just reading and there are a great many out there. There are some really great buys if you know what you are looking for. The Google Nexus 7, even without extra ports, is a great tablet and is geared toward cloud storage. The quad core CPU is very powerful but for the price range you'd be hard pressed to find a dual core that cheap and as well built being the nexus 7 is built by Asus. There are many cheap sub-100.00 dollar tablets and some very worthy of trying
  11. with most all Android tablets they have pulled flash support.... However, some tablets still run an older version of flash. Mine actually had 10.2 installer in the file directory and I just needed to install it and flash based apps worked fine....Flash based games were slow though but mines an elcheapo single core tablet. What I would do is find a friend who'd let you try the file in his tablet.... if its just a video it would play fine
  12. If you are looking for a fun and inexpensive tablet to break your teeth in on or give it to the kids I suggest these... If anyone has anything other please post it up.... I recently bought a nice little 7in tablet running Android 4.0.3 and thought I would share... It is a Zenithink ZT-282 C71 upgrade (ZTPAD) comes with Cortex A9 CPU @ 1.0ghz 1GB DDR3 and 8GB storage. http://www.amazon.com/Zenithink-C71-Upgrade_8GB-STORAGE_1GB-RAM_Capacitive_Android/dp/B007T6Q9NK/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&m=A1CHDTJ9IVXV2B&qid=1346179651&s=generic&sr=1-13 Runs Android 4.0.3 and does so very nicely. Battery life is 5-6 hours browsing or gaming. I've loaded music to it and listen to music and surfed the web and played games. Does fine. I recently also loaded the Humble Bundle 3 for Android and the only game that it slightly struggles is Anomoly...there is some sound skipping but it doesnt happen often. Comes preloaded with a ton of nice application but isnt bloated. Touch screen works very wll and the apps pop up rather quickly. Doesn't get hot while gaming either and thats a plus. For a 98.00 tablet I am well satisfied... Another I was looking at is the WonderMedia 8850 also a decent tablet but with less ram... 512nm/4gb but on a faster A9 @ 1.5ghz Just having some fun with it as of late.... :)
  13. I got Zedge as the wife put it on my phone. They got some really good stuff
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