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  1. It's officially here folks!!! You folks excited for the Nexus 7 tablet?!? I wrote an article saying I would keep my Xoom for the immediate future, but I might have to splurge and buy one of these suckers! http://www.talkandroid.com/119079-google-announces-the-nexus-7-tablet-with-jelly-bean-built-and-optimized-for-the-play-store/ https://play.google.com/store/devices/details?id=nexus_7_16gb Anyone else grabbing it?! Nothing like a 12-core processor to strike your fancy!
  2. I actually like it. I love the rounded curves on the exterior especially. The overall design kind of favors the Galaxy Nexus IMO. Considering there's going to be a ton of variants, I wouldn't worry too much about what's inside or the overall feel of the device. But we'll have to wait and see. :D
  3. Haha yes it is great indeed. :) I'm actually curious to try out CM9 on the Atrix, but may hold off until I see how MOTOBLUR interacts with ICS. If it's improved then I will stick with the official update. But if it's laggy like how the previous MOTO updates have been with FROYO and Gingerbread... It's custom all the way! Sent from my MOTO Atrix 4G on Tapatalk
  4. Yeah a buddy of mines also uses CM7 on his Nook and can't stress how smooth it is. Do you game on it at all? Sent from my MOTO Atrix 4G on Tapatalk
  5. HUGE fan of the Tegra brand Jack. Throw that on with a slab of untouched Android and I'm sold. Oh and the price is right too! I used to be skeptical of ASUS as a brand, but seeing they are churning out quality products now, I may be a believer... especially if it is true they're the ones developing the Nexus Tab. ^__^
  6. RIM--- the makers of the Blackberry smartphone had a record $125 million loss in Q4 2011. They had a record number of subscribers, but it couldn't offset yet another quarter of falling shipments. Both Android and iPhone users saw this coming from a mile away--- especially since each chomped away at the overall marketshare while improving enterprising capabilities. Because of this--- RIM has officially called it quits in the consumer arena and will focus solely on business users. While this is a huge victory for its competition, it's still a sad day for the mobile arena. I've personally used the Blackberry smartphone for both my personal phone and as a company device for many years. Sure it's outdated and pales in comparison to the potential of newer Androids and iPhones, but nothing will ever match its role in how we use our smartphones today. It still has perhaps the best keyboard period and is simply tops when it comes to emailing. It's a shame the BB OS platform couldn't evolve easily, but products come and go and it's Blackberry's time to fade off into the sunset. While we won't see the Blackberry brand immediately phased out, this is indeed a tale-tale sign of its imminent demise. What do you think? You folks see this coming? Are you sad? Thoughts? source: WSJ
  7. Agreed-- sounds like an issue with your SD card. Have you tried to use a different one??
  8. Looks like an exciting UI! I'd definitely like to try this out. Love how the entire screen was filled up with (useful) widgets. Gave no sense of clutter or confusion either.
  9. We just got wind of some interesting news thanks to Jack Holt. Google just announced it is changing the Android Market to Google Play. Will include a host of improvements in addition to unifying a lot of its services into one major app. Talk Android has been following it closely as you folks know already. Me personally: Not sure if I should be excited or worried... but then again, what do I know? You folks excited?
  10. Motorola has just confirmed many of it's devices will be getting that coveted Android 4.0 software. While some doubted the Atrix 4G would get ICS, I stood by confidently and stressed many times that the OG Atrix would get the big update--- after all it's still one of the faster phones on the market, has the Tegra 2 dual-core chip which is almost built for some of ICS's advanced features such as hardware acceleration and of course, indirectly has Google's "direct" backing now. As you all know, the Atrix is one of most MOTO devices featuring the MOTOBLUR custom user interface enhancement. It's not my favorite UI, but it's something I have to deal with as an owner of the device--- whether I like it or not. Motorola has stressed the update would come in Q3 so we have a few things to expect. Motorola owners remember very well that the much-anticipated Gingerbread 2.3 update came in Q3 of 2011--- so we can expect the update to arrive by the end of June at the earliest or in the middle of July at the latest. Also, there are a select group of Atrix 4G owners who are part of the soak testing program--- that is they beta test software normally week in advance before Motorola unveils the final update to the masses. Motorola will have to tweak the basic Android 4.0 code, slap on the MOTOBLUR UI skin on top, get certifications from AT&T, have the soak testers test the software in order to ensure any possible bugs are cleaned up before the final update is unveiled to the masses. It's my understanding that Android 4.0 will GREATLY enhance the overall performance of the Atrix 4G. As owners know all too well, the MOTOBLUR UI from Froyo and now Gingerbread is sluggish to say the least. The software is painfully choppy and clearly not optimized for the powerhouse of the device. Of course a lot of owners threw on a launcher skin such as Launcherpro or ADW and noticed the UI is smooth and fluid like butter. Android 4.0 with the MOTOBLUR UI won't be fluid as some launchers out there, but you can expect the newest iteration of Android to take FAR less resources and also take advantage of the hardware acceleration, which will help with transitioning from screen to screen or scrolling up and down. If you're an Atrix 4G owner, what do you think? I'm just throwing in my two cents, but I am VERY excited about this. Now there's no need for us to throw on a ROM or prematurely upgrade our phones. :-P Roy
  11. Right on the money there. For whatever reason a few of the MOTO phones including the Atrix and Bionic seem to run into unusual problems updating and all. You'll have to exchange your phone or just get another Bionic as your phone looks like it's completely defective. Sent from my MOTO Atrix 4G
  12. You think they're the OG Transformer will get some Jelly Bean love? Sent from my MOTO Atrix 4G
  13. Hey Rob, I'm an AT&T customer and while I've easily been taken advantage of for as long as I can remember, I'm so used to it that I don't even both complaining about it anymore. Here's your follow-up from an AT&T customer's POV: 1) No, AT&T did not technically offer a 1-year upgrade although the closest thing to a 1-year upgrade was an "early upgrade" which you could take advantage of approximately 10-14 months into your contract, but now I believe customers are only able to take advantage of an "early upgrade" with a slight discount approximately 6-9 months before your contract ends. Even then it only applies to certain phones. 2) AT&T never offered one-year contracts. :-( 3) If you sign up for the protection plan or warranty for the phone, AT&T will replace or fix your phone. 4) This is a major hot button in my book. Insurance was $4.99/month up until October 2011. Now insurance is $6.99/month. Adding insult to injury, there's a $150 deductible AND you are only allowed to replace your phone with a refurbished phone... not a new one.
  14. I don't own a TP but a buddy of mines actually picked one up and despite the high price tag, I gotta admit it's a smooth tablet. Probably one of the fastest units around. I'm curious to see how much better it can get once there's more optimized software for the processor as well as ICS. Otherwise it'll be limited like other tablets. Sent from my MOTO Atrix 4G
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