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  1. My Top 10 Astro QuickOffice PhotoshopTouch Math Professional ArchiDroid Nutrition Pro Manager Viber Google Transator Jefit and I must say also Whatsapp due to huge diffusion in comparison to similar Apps I don't mention Google Maps and Google Now because already included in almost all Android devices
  2. Madfinger Games have a stunning graphic and console-level quality, the 2 Shadowgun and also Dead Trigger are awesome. Fruit shoot and tiny tower are fun but REALLY overrated according to me. Another fun game is Plague inc.
  3. depends on what kind of application you have developed (free, fremium, paid) and your budget for promotional campaign
  4. SMH17


    I'm an Italian android developer. Hi to all! :)
  5. I love Comodo both for my PC and my phone, unfortunately the latest Comodo mobile suite has some annoying bugs.
  6. First you should learn to programming and only when you reach a decent know-how of the language you can start to develop App studying OS, life cycle of the application, environment etc. Many people seems think that learn apps development is like learn Word or Paint.
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