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  1. Trying to report a spam message I received in my inbox. When I click on the 'submit report' button, I get this message: Error 503 Service UnavailableService Unavailable Guru Meditation:XID: 2104892757 Varnish cache server
  2. Really? I've gathered some credible intell in the meantime about how the largest brands compare, in general. I do believe there's a happy medium between utter chaos and a pure, absolute answer.
  3. Have a list of Android phones under consideration. Must use it in a location that receives variable signal strength--sometimes it's on the low side. No wifi available. Deal-breaker criteria is using an app that requires sending/receiving encrypted info from this location and avoiding time-outs. I can’t change the location. I can’t control the cell phone towers. I can’t control the service from Sprint. All I can do is try to identify the best possible phone. So-- Where can I get the info needed to compare these phones for which one is likely to get the best reception? (If this is not possible, would better like to understand why/why not.)
  4. I'm new to smartphones and sparing what time I can to climb the steep learning curve. Any helpful info about the problem I'm experiencing will be appreciated! I'm running an app to process credit card charges. The location I run charges from has not changed. My carrier is Sprint. The data plan has not changed. When I had an iphone, the app worked speedily with never a failed transaction. But I didn't care for other aspects of that phone, so I switched to this Samsung. Now, the app is slow: I often have to sign in twice because the first one doesn't go through, and processing is noticeably slower and even times out about 30% of the time. Since everything else is the same, I'm thinking it's the hardware, and I'll need to go back to the iphone for trouble-free running of this app. Please share your experience/knowledge--TIA!
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