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  1. Surely , i have one on my home. Maybe you also can get one and have a try !
  2. You can know detail information by its official website: en.ieztv.com about this EZTV Living Room Computer.
  3. I am sorry. i have a wrong post. So you feel that it is very strange.
  4. EZTV Living Room Computer , Great Product ! Thanks for your sharing !
  5. Do you have a smartphone or android phone ? If you have. I think maybe this mhl to hdmi adapter is very fit for you. It is very practical and maybe you can have a try !
  6. OK ,That is all right. If i have a new cool gadget and not very expensive. I will tell you at first time. Have a nice day !
  7. Hi ,Tell you a good news. EZTV has announced the newest verision - EZTV3. It is higher specification. If you are interested in it. You can go to its offical website: en.ieztv.com to have a look !
  8. Yes, maybe this forum can't allow to post link from other not very famous website. You can enter en.ieztv.com on your browser and enter this offical website.
  9. Many place you can find it .Such as its official website: www.ieztv.com or you can look for information about EZTV on Alibaba
  10. But someone has achieved this. If you don't believe me. Maybe you can have a try by yourself !
  11. When Computer was born,Many people think their life will have a new starting.As they imagine,Computer is the best love for most of people in a long time. But with the passage of time. Laptop replaced Computer gradually and to be new leading role. Until now ,Smartphone has become one indispensable part of our daily life ,Such as Iphone and Samsung. However,these give us a fantasy.Who will be next Iphone or Samsung ? Maybe everyone has their answer,But my answer is EZTV Living Room Computer.The reason is very simple.It has many functions that Smartphone can't achieve. First,It support network functions and can makes TV used as Computer. No matter how far you and TV. You still can manage TV like Computer. Such as, Play games, chat with your friend etc by wireless keyboard and mouse. Second,Except some android system functions and applications. It has easyROM system of Independent research and development. Systerm is more stable, Running is more smooth,Operation is easier.You can operate home page,browser,e-mail,video message etc.Only one step can complete it.
  12. Recent years,TV Box is very popular all the time.But with the taste of the customer for life is more and more fastidious. EZTV announce first Living Room Computer in history - EZTV2. Why we call it living room computer ? TV can be used as Computer.If you put TV in the living room.Then that TV is Computer.So we call it living room computer How it achieves computer function for a TV. First,it has wireless keyboard and mouse.No matter how far you with TV.You all can operate it in keyboard and mouse like computer.Even though you are in bed or sofa. Second,It supports network functions.You can view webpages and portals,watch news and videos etc in any time like computer. Many people like watch TV in the live room,So it has Millions of movies,TV series,Entertainment Shows etc.At same time,It is Built-in HD Camera,you can have a video chat with your parents and friends. At last,Except some android system functions and applications.It has easyROM system of Independent research and development.Systerm is more stable,Running is more smooth,Operation is easier.You can operate home page,browser,e-mail,video message etc.Only one step can complete it.
  13. Tell you a good news. In order to celebrate new B2C site.You only register an account on Funbookes can get a free gift that price is $10 from http://www.funbookes.com/goods.php?id=477 . I believe everyone has a android smartphone. So this free gift is stand holder for Android Phone.
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