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  1. Hi, guys! I saw a really wonderful post by MrTasselhof for rooting your tablet easily. You may see it from here http://www.slatedroid.com/topic/34442-root-window-n90-dual-core-ii-how-to-root/ Or I repeat the post here: I used Moborobo and superoneclick to root my n90,http://www.moborobo.com/ give a go. I can confirm that this method works for rooting the device. The instructions are VERY simple. 1) Link: Download Moborobo 2) Download this modified SuperOneClick - Short Fuse 3) Install Moborobo and open it 4) Make sure USB Debugging is enabled on your tablet (Settings --> Developer Options) 5) Connect your Window N90 Dual Core tablet to your PC 6) Wait for Moborobo to see the device 7) Extract the contents of SuperOneClick B) Run SuperOneClick.exe 9) Click on Root 10) Click on Yes (it says device is already rooted do you wish to continue) That's it... you are all done and ROOTED! SuperOneClickv2.3.3-ShortFuse Modded.zip
  2. Using Apps Manager by following steps: 1. Tap on the Menu Key, then click SettingsUsing Apps Manager by following steps: 2. Choose Applications on the list 3. Now, click on Manage Applications from the list as shown below. 4. Select the application you’d like to uninstall, tap Uninstall Uninstalling directly with Mobo Launcher When using Mobo Launcher, there is a feature that allows you to uninstall your Apps directly. 1. Long press the App icon, it will pop up some options, select Uninstall 2. It will note you that “This application will be uninstalled”. Press OK.
  3. Ⅰ. Back up your contacts with your own Android phone 1. you need to open your Contacts from your Android phone, press the Menu button and then select More option from the list of Menu items. 2. As soon as you click on more option, you will get some options. Now, you need to Select the Import/Export option to proceed. 3. Now, after clicking on Import/Export, you can Select your choice of Export to either SIM card or to SD card. Ⅱ. Sync contacts with Google Gmail 1. First, log into your G Mail account from PC or laptop, once you get logged in, select the contact icon which is located on the left hand of the screen. You will be directed to contact management area, now click on “+” signed icon. After clicking on “+”, you will be asked to create a new contact. Now, input all of your contacts and once done with all the entries you can click on the save link. Now, repeat this process until all of the contacts get saved. 2. Log into your G Mail account from your Android device where contacts are stored. Go to the main menu on the device and select the contacts icon. Drop down the check box to bring the list of options. Select the account from the available list which is select the G Mail account. Once you select the account, turn on the sync contacts option. 3. Now you have successfully synced the account with your Android device and all contacts will be transferred from the device. It allows you to conveniently have a backup of all your Gmail contacts. This helps a lot when phone gets stolen or crashes down or even if it suffers from memory loss. As all the contacts are synced with your G Mail account, you can retrieve on any of the smart phones as a replacement device not necessarily to be Android. Ⅲ.Easily use the backup feature of Moborobo 1. Open Moborobo, click Data, select the contacts you want to backup. Click the button Backup/Restore. 2. Specify a path for the backup file, then click Backup.
  4. When your phone cannot use WiFi, using data traffic may be the choice. Here I have some tips for saving your data roaming. Tip 1: Close the auto-sync You can set it through settings Tip 2: Turn off the Mobile network when you don’ t need network. Tip 3: Close the apps that running on the backstage. Get some App that can do it. Usually I use Task Manager. Tip 4: Try to download Apps from your PC not your device. Of course, it is a exception if you have enough data traffic. For me, I always download APK file from PC, then I use a PC Manager to install the apps to my device. En, I am using Moborobo. You may also use AirDroid. Both are OK.
  5. I use Dropbox most for uploading pictures! Anyway that is great! Thanks!
  6. Thank you for your help! It is a good way, I will try! But I want to find some PC management tool to make the operation easier!
  7. Hi, guys, look at this! I can use this Mobo Launcher to change the icon with my own picture! See the picture below- the change of "People" icon. Good! I like this! You guys may also be interested in this!
  8. Hello, everyone! Last week I get my iPhone 4S. Really happy! But I come the problem, too. How did I transfer my data from the HTC to iPhone! Anyone helps?
  9. Just long press the search bar then choose delete! That's all.
  10. Has anyone used AirDroid and Moborobo? I need some advice, thanks guys!
  11. Has anyone used these two Android PC manager- AirDroid and Moborobo? If yes, give me some advice,please! I'm doing a survey! Many thanks, guys! See my another post: http://androidforum.com/topic/837-comparison-of-the-2-mainstream-android-pc-manager/
  12. Mixzing?I Google it and find it looks great. I used TTpod before.
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