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  1. hello there thanks for your time what am looking for something i can use mu mobile as multi user same time fore all the apps is the same so when i sign into anther user its sign me into new screen for sign in into any app
  2. hello there i have HTC one x and i use it as source of internet sometimes also using some apps where i share it with my wife and my sister so here is the problem we all check our mail when we are out through the mobile, and we almost using same apps, we got 5 emails on it two for me personal and business and same to my wife and my sister mail so here we have 5 mails not to forget that i use evernote and my wife use it also so we where looking for some idea or apps that support multi user so when i am using the mobile my main gmail account i just can check in my own stuff same to business account so i only write and send emails through same user name almost same the multi user that windows desktop have cheers and thanks
  3. by the way do i have o do anything else because am pretty much ignorance with mobile stuff
  4. thanks mate i will try this method now :D
  5. i am not sure but u could try AIrdroid is very useful
  6. Hello every one i get since while HTC one X 32 G, and as far as i remember the storage memory was 32 not 16G suddenly and few days ago i notice my memory is Full but in that time i didnt really notice that my HTC one X its 32 G, so i deleted some data but i keep noticing that always my memory is Full so i did full backup of all the rest of the data on the mobile and format it "hard reset" so here we go every thing just the same the memory still 16 G so i thought might i be wrong so i checked my mobile on and the info they gave me as this link i provided down below mobile info on my profile i ask friend of mine he told me i install wrong rom and the funny part i dont know how to install this rom yes its true i like to mess with mobile lots and try new stuff but same time its really big problem for me now please help what i have to do get the phone memory back to 32G
  7. Hey people i got my first HTC one x this my first smartphone, am really new into smartphone world but i really like it am actually from iran living in turkey and i finish my master into HR and i use my phone for almost every thing hmmmm dont know what to say more than that any way am glad that am here in this great community
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