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    Video capture app that works on Galaxy tab?

    Nothing happens when I click on the icon. My device is rooted. I got it to start one time, but it then only recorded a black screen. I have mailed the support several times, but no answer. Which tab and firmware do you have? I have Tab 2 10.1 with Android 4.2.2.
  2. I want to root my Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. There are several guides online, like http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/articles/504498/20130908/galaxy-tab2101-p5100-root-android422-jellybean-update.htm and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sO3y7JCqfc8 The first of these guides says that I need to install Android 4.2.2 first. I have Android 4.0.3. now. Do I really have to update the firmware before rooting the device? The second of these guides says that I need to install SuperSU. The link to that program has a link to a zipped file, which is damaged and can not be unzipped. So I wonder how I should proceed and which guide to follow?
  3. I am looking for a video capture app, which works on Galaxy tab. I mean an app, which records what is displayed on the screen (not what is seen on the camera). I bought “Screencast Video Recorder” a year ago, but it didn't work on my tab. I wonder if there is any video capture app that works on Galaxy tab? I search Google Play, but I only find apps with low ratings, which don't seem to work.