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  1. There are probably many options out there but I joined Amazon Prime ($90/yr) and downloaded the Amazon App and Kindle App from the play store. Plently of free e books and movies and discounted books and movies as well. For music, download the pandora app. if you have a NETFLIX account $8/mo), you can download that app as well and view all the movies you can handle. Hope this helps as I'm kind of a new user myself.
  2. I have an HP computer and Android Tab s 10.5. I did sync my tablet to my earthlink email account but only a few of the emails that doswnload to my computer show up in the Tab S. I want to dump the HP and go strictly with the Tab S but can't until I can be assured I'm getting all my emails. please advise
  3. I took a picture of my new car (with phone camera) and tried send to my daughter. I get a message indicating the file can't be downloaded and to try later. My daughter and son, both with Iphones have also tried to send me pictures from their phones but all that comes through is a message indicating a file is downloading. The file never does download. Do pics taken with a phone need to be cropped or otherwise be reduced in size before sending. If so, how? Could this be a network or provider issue. I am with Consumer Cellular