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  1. dear mates.. i am having 4 in 1 usb travel charger for my motorazr xt910.. now i wanna know that what batteries (cell) i require for the same., let me know the mah & the brand of the cell... usb charger mention below http://www.cromareta......500-534.aspx
  2. Dear Mates , i tried android music player from market.. it works well. all the songs are playing.. & i am aware of music format too. but am concern why the same songs doesnt play with razr`s music player. below is the link for my cell, for which i am facing the prob http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5klR6KfIYA
  3. hello mates i bough razr xt910 a month back. since i bought i am having an issue that i am not able to play to the music which is in my card,, only few music plays rest is skipped by itself.. is it anything about the bitrate of the song which is supported in razr.? i checked the format of the song they are perfectly well
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