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  1. Just put up my thoughts on Instagram versus Streamzoo. What are your thoughts on the two? Or do you have a different app you prefer (like Lightbox, EyeEm, Hipster, or others)? I'm totally digging Streamzoo for its features: badges, leaderboards, video uploading, varying aspect ratios, tilt shifting, color tweaking, and full-fledged web site. I notice I am tending not to use the retro filters all that much and just sharing the photo as is, or tweaking the brightness and contrast a bit. Sometimes I'll add a border or one of the tilt shift blur options. You can follow my photos on Streamzoo at @EdCaggiani Interested in hearing your thoughts on these photo sharing apps! -Ed
  2. Ed Caggiani

    Who's Sportin' the Evo 3D?

    I went from Hero to Evo to Evo 3D. Love it, though I am secretly jealous of the Galaxy Nexus ;-) Anyone who has an Evo 3D thinking about switching to the Nexus when it comes to Sprint?
  3. Ed Caggiani

    Next phone: Evo 4G LTE?

    Ok, so I'm currently rockin' the Evo 3D (which I upgraded from the original Evo 4G) and now I think I found my next phone. The Evo 4G LTE is a beast! And the kickstand is back! Yay! Who else is considering moving from the 3D to the Evo 4G LTE? Check out Rob's hands-on with the device at Sprint's announcement in NYC.
  4. Ed Caggiani

    Google TV

    I just installed the Sony Internet Player set top box (NSZ-GS7) that I got at the Sony Google TV party at Google I/O. It fit in right where my Logitech Revue was... all the same connections. It works great! Now let's hope it doesn't crash like the Revue would. I haven't played around with it much yet but so far so good! The remote is super slick with its keyboard and touchpad.
  5. Ed Caggiani

    Finally finished my tattoo

    Finally took the plunge and got my guitar tattoo finished today :-)
  6. Ed Caggiani

    Google TV

    Not sure what you guys mean about not supporting DLNA. My Revue can stream movies and music from my DLNA server through apps like Avia. Sure, I had to install an app, but it's free, works great, and doesn't require me to set up a special server like Plex does. It just uses DLNA. Or am I not understanding exactly what you guys mean?
  7. Ed Caggiani


    Personally, I think the power button is in the perfect place for me. I actually love that about my Xoom. The volume rockers, however, are hard to click. I'd make those a lot easier to press.
  8. Ed Caggiani

    Mobile Phone Timeline - Get involved!

    I know I'm missing a couple but I can't remember what they were so it's hard to find pictures :-) Nokia 6160 Qualcomm QCP-2760 Samsung SPH A500 Samsung SPH A900 HTC Hero HTC Evo 4G HTC Evo 3D
  9. Ed Caggiani

    Finally finished my tattoo

    It was done over a few years, I think 4 or 5 sessions total.
  10. Ed Caggiani

    Finally finished my tattoo

    Thanks! Most expensive tattoo ever ;-)
  11. Ed Caggiani

    Mobile Site

    I see you are correct. I tried it and also got stuck on mobile. The only way out I saw was to clear my cookies in my browser. After doing that I was able to load the full site again. Not optimal, but effective. I'm sure there is a URL parameter to switch back but not sure what it is.
  12. Ed Caggiani


    Agreed. I'd also make it a tad thinner and lighter.
  13. Ed Caggiani

    Able Remote

    Works well but seems like it gets updates every other day :-)
  14. Ed Caggiani

    Who's Sportin' the Evo 3D?

    I haven't looked into what roms are available for the Evo 3D but I think I'll wait for the official ICS to come out from HTC. I always like to see what the latest stock updates are and only root and install a rom after it is known that the phone won't be getting any more updates. I'm weird like that :-) Sent from my Xoom using Tapatalk
  15. Ed Caggiani

    Who's Sportin' the Evo 3D?

    The 3D is actually pretty cool. Much better than I would have expected. Overall, it's a great phone, though I have had issues with it overheating in the beginning. Seems to have gotten better with the updates and the uninstalling of some questionable apps :-) My biggest gripe would be having to wait for ICS since this is a Sense phone. Don't get me wrong, I like Sense, but I hate not getting updates from Google like my Xoom does. I may go Nexus when it comes out, but I guess it all depends on what else is on the horizon.
  16. Ed Caggiani

    ICS on XOOM

    Stock for me :-)
  17. Ed Caggiani

    Welcome to the new Forums

    Why is Google TV under Tablets? Shouldn't it get its own top level or be under Other or something? Just curious. Edit: Just noticed it's a post, not a category. In any case, I think it deserves its own section :-)
  18. Ed Caggiani

    Howdy and Welcome, Here's Who We Are!

    I'm 42, married, and work in high tech in Silicon Valley as a User Experience Designer. Been in love with technology since I was 8 years old, starting with Colecovision and Atari, all sorts of PC's, and finally Android gadgets. My first Android device was a Sprint HTC Hero, then the Evo 4G, and I'm currently rocking an Evo 3D, Xoom Wi-Fi, and Logitech Revue.
  19. Ed Caggiani

    What Carrier do you have for service?

    Sprint here in Silicon Valley. Service is really solid here. 4G is spotty, but I rarely use it anyway since it's a battery hog on my Evo 3D. I've only ever been with Sprint...signed up nearly 15 years ago and never switched. I'm glad because we have truly unlimited plans, and my wife and I are on a family plan that costs us $129/month for both of us, unlimited data/text, 1600 land-line minutes, free mobile-to-mobile on any network. She also has an Evo 3D and loves it :-)
  20. Ed Caggiani

    What Android tablet do you have?

    I'm with Roy on this one. I have the Xoom Wi-Fi and absolutely love it. Especially since it gets updates from Google and it already has ICS :-)
  21. Ed Caggiani

    Google TV

    Best way I found to sideload apps is to upload any APKs to Dropbox, then visit the Dropbox site in the browser to download them to the Revue. Actually, you can install the Dropbox app that way then just use the app. I also think it supports installing from a USB drive but I have not tried that.
  22. Ed Caggiani

    Google TV

    I have a Logitech Revue, and to be honest, I love it. The advantage over systems like Boxee