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  1. In this peaceful age, wars and battles are against human civilization order. While, in Grand Battle, you can be placed in the Second World War, and fight with player from all over the world. Build your own military base Develop your military weapons Establish a top troops Then wait for war coming. The latest server, Phoenix, has been made to debut with popularity! Come and join the battle! Grand Battle on Googleplay: http://goo.gl/qsKb3t -----Any problem or suggestions? We’d love to hear your voice: ----- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Grand...82311791908251 Email: [email protected]
  2. Hi,you can easily get mega win or big win in featured game and in tournaments. And also if you bet big, the chance of big win and mega win increases. And you cannot play the game without internet connection at the moment. Also you can get free bonus coins by connecting your account with FB. The new version which add three other great slot machine games comes and stay tuned about it.
  3. If you get 4 times or over coins than your bet, than you get Big Win Reminding, If you get 8 times or over coins than your bet, then you get Mega Win Reminding. The bonus coins you have won every spin depend on the numbers of continuous same icons in the default lines from left to right. The special Wild icon can be replaced to other common icons. The chance of getting Big Win or Mega Win is random and it depends on kind of your luck. Also, you can join in the tournament which will give you the bigger Prize if you are in the top rank. Good Luck and Happy Weekend!
  4. Hi, everyday when you enter Cute Slot, please click "Collect" to get your DAILY BONUS, you can also collect Bonus for every 20 minutes, the higher your level, the more coins you can get. Choose one game like Bug's Luck and Cupid's Day which is unlock to play. You can open the game by click the picture, click SPIN after open the game, you will cost coins to SPIN and you can win coins if comes out lines, you can adjust your bet by click" +" and" -". You can contest with other players if there is more than 10 players at the same time, you can get 1 score for win 100 coins, you will get prize if you rank before 30% in the contest. There have intersting Bonus game and Free Spin in every game. Please try it by youself, you will fall in love with it.
  5. Hi Masterchat, you can try the Google Version SlotWiz Here is the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mangolee.free.casino.game.slot.slotwiz
  6. New Game Cute Slots is released at Amazon Appstore. The game is free to download and you can enjoy your spare time with it. The Reason why you need to try: 1.Cute Slots offers player high quality and stunning graphics in every slot machine games with different fun themes like Devil’ Hand, Fortune Wave,Wild Safari and more. 2.Diverse ,fun and simple game play in each slot machine games for special spin covering Free Spin, bonus game and wild. 3.Real-time tournaments with other players are hold on every game with a limited time, which enhance the joy of the game. The rewards of the tournaments are very big. 4.Daily Bonus and Timely Bonus gives you the free coins to spin. Also the VIP will gives you more benefits 5.More functions and improvements are in the develop You will be appreciated to try the game and give us your feedback. Amazon Appstore: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NLXN64K
  7. Hello friends,2014 Grand Battle Alliance Logo Images Contest has been over and there are many logos here. You can see the show from here http://youtu.be/FZcV1vTXybw
  8. Grand Battle is an online MMORTS war game for Android. I have been in love with the game when I firstly played it. It takes me almost half of a year from the beginner to senior. The process is not so easy but really exciting. Here I just want to share my experience of myths and tips about Grand Battle for new players. Myth 1: The higher the level, the stronger the army The level’s up is only decided by the upgrading points of building, the more the upgraded buildings or the more the stars the building upgraded, the higher the level you will get. Nevertheless the level doesn’t mean the strong combat power, if your base stays in higher level but with lower combat power, your base will wait to be attacked completely. We should always remember our goal is to tear down enemy’s base provided our base is in good defense. Tip: Upgrading the mighty buildings firstly, including Machine-gun Turret, Mortar Tower, Tanks and airplanes. When these buildings get to full stars, then you can upgrade other buildings. Through which can make the best combat power at the same level compared to the other ways. And it is the best situation if the oracle tank has been 6 stars when the game goes to level 26. Myth 2: Every Tank is Powerful Tank is considered as a devastating weapon in general, but actually in Grand Battle, not every tank can be powerful as you imagined, the tanks which really work only contains razorback ,paladin ,challenger and oracle tank. Tip: For beginners, which tank to choose is more important than how to mix the different tanks. My suggestion is you can choose the tank from razorback ,paladin ,challenger and oracle tank in sequence. When these tanks have got enough stars ( generally 6 stars are enough because of the same damage among 6 stars RAZAORBACK, RHINO and CHALLENGER), then the upgrading of other tanks can be taken into account. With the good match of close range and far range tanks, you can attack the enemies and defense your base with the more damage and the less loss. Myth 3: Air Force is very powerful Fact is that Air Force is very powerful in the real war, so we may think Air Force can be a very important role in GB. The truth is Air force can only play a good role when you attack enemies. As for the airplane, just like tanks, only RAPTOR and COBRA can be useful. Note that we cannot control the RAPTOR if we commit it, but COBRA can be operated even though it is sent. Also, airplanes are the last members that can be upgraded with a very slow speed, so in the beginning, you just cannot take much advantages of the air force. Tip: When attacking the enemy’s base, RAPTOR can be used to pin down the enemy’s Mortar Towers and Machine-gun Turrets, and COBRA can be committed to bombard the base. The result will be very great if the aircrafts are upgraded to the full stars. Myth 4: Wall is useless Most of the new players will feel that wall is the least useful item in the game and many of them will use the wall as the base decoration. However, wall can make the defense stronger if you set the wall in right place. For the reason of far range of soldiers and tanks, wall can protect the buildings from the direct fire from enemies, so that our base can stand more damages. Tip: You cannot protect the whole base for there are only 80 walls in the game. Instead we have to put our walls near the important buildings like Command Center, power plants, Oil Factory and such these things. As regard to wall arrangement, it needs your exploration. You will have a good idea. Also, you can make full use of the mine factory, which will make the huge damage if the mine is used properly.
  9. Hello,guys. If you are fans of Slot machine game, then try this SlotWiz(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mangolee.free.casino.game.slot.slotwiz) for Android. And the developer now hold a free rewards activity on the Facebook Page, the winners can get up to 6000 coins to spin. Hope you enjoy the activity! :)
  10. If you have bluetooth, also you can use the bluetooth to connect PC with the Android phone to move photos and files.
  11. I used Mobo Player a few days ago and it works very well. And I will check out the player to update the condition.For Realplayer, it really have two versions, one for paid, one for free.For the basic video playing request, the free one can do that perfectly.
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