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  1. Hi. i am a member of the Battery Doctor forum. It is a great app and really seems to do the job. I really don't think however, that we should have to rely on apps to ensure our products do both what they should do, but also what Android and the manufacturers claim in all their advertising blurb. A lot of users in the forum have noticed performance related issues since the introduction of 4.3. These include poor battery life, poor performance and issues with wi-fi conductivity (this includes dropping service, disconnection and poor signal strength). These issues have been experienced by users across the world and using various cell providers. Can I ask if any other users have experienced similar issues since the introduction of Android 4.3 and if so does Android think that 4.4 KitKat will resolves these issues when it eventually roles out to us lesser mortals lol
  2. Hi Fellow Android Users. I am a just a normal guy who enjoys computing and my phone. I always like to see what they can do for me and not the other way round. I also enjoy testing new gadgets and software. Yeah I have no life so this gives me something interesting to do. Also, if I can help others by highlighting problems or issues, all the better. Well that's all from me on this boring introduction apart from to wish you all a very Happy New Year to all.
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