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  1. Hello From time to time talkatone pops up and says it is trying to connect. I may have installed it a long time ago but have no memory of it. I would like to uninstall it but it does not appear under my apps. I am using Android Gingerbread (I think). I wonder what to do to get rid of it. Thanks Andrew
  2. Thanks so much everybody for your assistance. As you will have gathered I am quite nervous at playing around with my device. I am quite experiences with PCs and servers but have taken no time to learn this "phone". I think I have narrowed it down a bit to the keyboard. All is well until I need to type something (on more than one app). And sometimes (less now that I have removed a few installed apps), the application runs hot (it turns red in task manager and cpu usage rises to around 40%+. In one case it went to almost 100%.) After a while it goes back to normal. Interestingly enough, as I mentioned briefly above, the removal of a couple of unused applications seems to have helped. Maybe I should investigate more along those lines although I appreciate very much the likelihood of the need for an operating system update. Andrew
  3. Thank you very much - it's the factory reset I want to avoid if possible. The issue seems to appear when the keyboard is used in various browsers - not when simply browsing. I have very few apps if any which are active at the same time as the browser - I don't use the phone for much other than phoning or checking email. It would be surprising to me if just having an app installed were a problem but I guess it is possible. Thanks again Andrew
  4. Hello I am writing because my standard Internet App hangs and then resumes. I am using a Samsung SII. When the application hangs, Task Manager reports CPU Usage of 49.9%. After a while, the CPU load goes back to normal. This happened fairly suddenly some weeks ago. I cannot remember installing any specific app. at that time - and usually no other app is running when this happens. I am running android version 2.3.3 Gingerbread. I have added several browsers e.g. Dolphin which also suffers from the same problem and another one too (forget its name now) with also the same problem. I have uninstalled them. I have looked on google for similar problems. Several have reported this issue over a number of years - I cannot find any solutions. I really do not want to reset the phone as I will lose a lot of stuff and a lot of time. Has anyone else successfully resolved this issue? Best Andrew
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