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  1. Still waiting on my S5 to arrive, but tried this on my Galaxly Tab 2 10.1 and Photon does not work.. it connects but then will not play.. so still broken. I feel like I am trying to get my Commador 64 to connect through a tellephone line... is there any future for watching media like Amazon Prime on the Android product? Or has this just gone 2 differerent paths and in the great day and age we are are now back to VHS or BETA so one has to choose if he want all then it is iphone and if only parcial data then get the Android. What am I missing here? Why are we as the customer base allowing this? :huh:
  2. I know this has been discussed till blue in the face.. I just get a Samsung S5 and still no way to veiw flash content, I am thinking a huge mistake going with a platform that does support the most prevent veiwing platform out there. Puffen and Dolphin no longer work with flash content, even though some claim they do. Have I wasted my money, should I return the S5 and get a dreaded iphone instead? Is there any hope in the future to resolving this issue? Thanks Jim
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