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  1. SDHC means exactly SDHighCapacity card. Every SD card over 4 GB is SDHC. Did I answer your question?
  2. Hello everybody, I am a new member of the forum. I have Android RAZR since 2012 but I've never needed to root it. Right now I have issues with the software and the apps, and I would like to update it. The last official update from my provider (Fido) was 4.1.2 JellyBean, but I have read that KiKat runs smoothly on the device. How do you recommend me to proceed? Do I have to Root the phone before using Cianogen mode? From what I understood if I Root it I can put custom ROM on it- where can I find custom ROM-s for RAZR? If no, what is the difference Rooting it and using Cianogen mode? What does FLASH means? Many thanks everybody beforehand!
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