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  1. Even i am fed up with the pre installed apps. They eat up most of my memory and i hardly hav space for new apps. They are too annoying for me.
  2. opera mini is the best. It is one of the must have android apps.
  3. I used to use Clean Master Phone Boost. It was pretty much good.
  4. I always love to play rise of the blobs. Its very interestingg game.
  5. for me its clash of clans and rise of the blobs.
  6. Its not possible to remove the preinstalled apps are default apps. All that is default apps, you can only delete the apps that you have installed.
  7. These apps are such a boon for many people like me. I just get irritated with many people and their calls and messages. I surely need to use these apps. Thank you for sharing.
  8. Most of the time i use whatsapp for chatting. Wechat is also a good but i am addicted to whatsapp.
  9. I had bought a new nexus 4 few months back. Soon after a month it fell of my hand and its screen was broken and phone wasn't working fine. I got it serviced, spent 7K(Rs. 7,000) on it. I hardly useed it for 1 month after fixing it. Now my phone will not get switched on. If i try to switch it on only the google screens displays and it will trun off. What do i do now? Con someone suggest me do i need to get it fixed?
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