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  1. Sorry not since i bought it. All the time since the first time it happened few months ago. I'm not shure but it seemmed to begin when I updated next launcer to the latest version. I'll try with the factory reset..
  2. It's there all the time. The problem is I got it from China, it's still within the year but too expensive sending it back; out of question. I'll try a hard reset as soon as I'll be able to.
  3. Sure!! So, do you see that portion of screen (a col) which have gradually formed while i scrawled in and around it? That's it! See the first three screenshots? The first one happen when I write vertical lines, see the behaviour of the lines when written on that portion? Same with the others screenshots. The portion of screen affected ist't totalliy unresponsive just not as it should be. Because of this I have difficulties in typing in the correspondent part of the keyboard or in swiping. I'm not being able to determine whether it's a hardware of software issue. Hope I've been through
  4. Hi guys, A col in my display went crazy it lost its normal responsiveness. Any idea? Thanks
  5. Hi folks!! Nice to be here.
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