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  1. Well, great welcome to this fanstic forum.
  2. For me, it depends. Sometime I'm absorbed into reading. Sometimes not. It is hard for me to read through a whole book. But I do admire a person who loves reading to become learned.
  3. Currently I love "What you are" most. It is my ringtone.Hope you will like it as well.
  4. You can put in keywords like "data recovery software" "card data recovery" etc. on the Internet to find professional data recovery software. But I guess free one may cannot get back your data completely. If the data in your card is very important to you, you can get a paid software.
  5. Luckily, I have bought my latest cellphone accessories from Kingsbuying. I always tend to change my phone cases, screen protectors. From my online-shopping experience, their phone accessories are more cost effective and durable comparatively, that's why I always buy from them. But as a whole, what I bought are quite cheap stuffs. You can know more about it before you decide to get a phone there.
  6. It seems that the one you list is not the most cost-effective one. You can choose more others to make comparison. You may find more cost-effective one from better brands like Huawei, Vivo, XiaoMi, Lenovo, ZTE, CoolPad,etc
  7. There are better selection for you. How about a game tablet? I think tablet PC give better experience while playing games. And the budget $500 can get a quite good quality China tablet PC. You can do a research for that.
  8. From my perspective, calendar and books are not that import for me. I will choose not to sync. But you can sync your contacts or text messages etc. if possible to avoid accidental data loss.
  9. If you want to get a tablet PC main for reading news or novel, it seems that a kindle is enough for you. But of course I recommend a tablet PC which not only feeling good reading but also have many more other fun.
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