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  1. That is awesome...hope to get enough fund in my bank account to do the same.. :D What is your most remarkable moments so far with all your travel extravagant?
  2. i want to be on a private island with my family...
  3. What is your dream vacation?
  4. do like you like travel?
  5. did you come from a warm place?
  6. hahahaha.. me too i love reading but I sleep a lot.... :D
  7. let me try those if i receive a new gadget
  8. masterchat

    warm or cold?

    IF you're to choose to live for 12 months in a certain place, which would you prefer? a very warm place or a very cold place? WHY?
  9. Anyone who still write snail mail?
  10. youtube no longer works for when I am bored...
  11. What do you do when boredom strike you?
  12. I do.. I gain a lot from reading.. but I sleep most of the time.. hahahahaha
  13. You see these in movies... ARE you ready? for it said anytime soon it will happen :D
  14. masterchat

    Have you heard

    Have you heard about armageddon, great tribulation, last days and the judgment day? What are your stand?
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