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  1. That is awesome...hope to get enough fund in my bank account to do the same.. :D What is your most remarkable moments so far with all your travel extravagant?
  2. i want to be on a private island with my family...
  3. What is your dream vacation?
  4. do like you like travel?
  5. did you come from a warm place?
  6. hahahaha.. me too i love reading but I sleep a lot.... :D
  7. let me try those if i receive a new gadget
  8. masterchat

    warm or cold?

    IF you're to choose to live for 12 months in a certain place, which would you prefer? a very warm place or a very cold place? WHY?
  9. Anyone who still write snail mail?
  10. youtube no longer works for when I am bored...
  11. What do you do when boredom strike you?
  12. I do.. I gain a lot from reading.. but I sleep most of the time.. hahahahaha
  13. You see these in movies... ARE you ready? for it said anytime soon it will happen :D
  14. masterchat

    Have you heard

    Have you heard about armageddon, great tribulation, last days and the judgment day? What are your stand?
  15. I love to have this old song titled "heaven by your side"
  16. Is there any chance for one to promote his website or product or something?
  17. What's the name of the app crack? I can't search it in the playstore.
  18. Anyone interested with these free apps?
  19. Amazon is giving away 40 free apps. What will you be downloading? Here's the list http://forums.androidcentral.com/general-news-discussion/455763-amazon-free-apps.html#post4014148
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