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  1. Yes, you may root your device at the cost of warranty. I think in settings, there are options of uninstalling some of the apps however, it is not recommended to do so because you risk loosing the basic functionality of the mobile phone. Hence, try consulting some expert in the area.
  2. abbygale45

    Which cleaning app are you using?

    I don't recommend using any of the cleaning apps. Most of them are viruses and it not only slows your mobile bu it may also steal the passwords of your accounts. Hence, do not try to use the apps like that.
  3. abbygale45

    Funniest Apps

    That "IS" funny app, but I don't consider it to be "funniest" app.
  4. abbygale45

    How many people love their Prime?

    Prime is cool - I love it too.
  5. abbygale45

    US vs UK

    I think US is quite mature market as compared to UK. The level of maturity in telecom sector is high in US as compared to UK.
  6. abbygale45

    need unlock code from verizon

    Getting Unlock code from 3rd party...........is it legal?
  7. abbygale45

    T-mobile: keep losing conection

    There may be another device that cancels the signals ......OR it may be because you live in an area where the coverage is weak. DOn't you think so?
  8. abbygale45

    Able Remote

    Functionality on tablet is appreciated very much.
  9. abbygale45

    How much does it cost?

    $99 only
  10. abbygale45

    Verizon Data Plan

    I am new user.....SO, sorry for asking basic question. I would like to know what is tethering?
  11. abbygale45

    Galaxy S II GT-I9100G MEMORY FULL

    How about having memory stick and using that by dividing the number of applications in the different mediums like phone memory and stick memory.
  12. abbygale45

    Fondi T708b

    Mr John Dave is right, there is no chance of change of MAC address when you are disconnected from internet. Because your device remains the same and the MAC address is for your device not related with internet. OKay?
  13. abbygale45

    Netflix and mouse support

    Netflix mouse not working.........What to do? It should work smoothly. I have updated it. Is it the problem of update?