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  1. Its been a while, but im pretty sure I have Reddit is Fun, also. Its pretty good
  2. Hi! I want to get a new tablet and I really like the ipad air, but I use a galaxy s5 and I want my phone and tablet to integrate. I dont want to switch to an iphone unless I have to (I really love my galaxy). Is there a tablet that in your opinion is as fast and user friendly as the ipad, but runs on an android platform? I think I would want something I can hook up on a plan, not just wifi. My phone is through verizon, but I would be happy to have an additional contract through another company if the device was right. I think people might suggest only having 1 device and upgrading to the note 4, which I am against (I considered it, but I think I need something smaller as my primary device). TIA!
  3. There is one (cant remember the name) where an alien repeats everything you say in a squeaky voice. My nephew giggles at that one all the time. Autorap is fun too.
  4. Thank you for the tip et23! I have often wondered how to deal with this issue as well, OP. Its so frustrating that your phone is full of pre-loaded junk you dont use. I will have to try playing around with it tonight to disable them!
  5. Did you accidentally turn on that samsung photo cloud? Maybe when you synced to facebook it took all those images and added them to the cloud? That might be a dumb suggestion, so Im sorry if it is. I know I had some quirks with that thing on my phone when I first installed it.
  6. I was thinking of the same thing as you, should I hold off for the note 4 or just get the s5. Glad I got s5. Note 4 is too big for my taste.
  7. I would think you could call verizon. I know my sister went to her local carrier before she traveled over here, and they were happy to unlock it for her.
  8. This is a bit off topic, but might solve your problem (depending on what kind of reading you want to do). I was worried TTS would be boring to listen to, and a straight up audible membership wasnt worth the money to me. I just heard about amazon unlimited, and plan on giving it a try for audiobooks. HTH
  9. I like to read, but I prefer real books to my screen!
  10. I just switched from virgin mobile to verizon. You get what you pay for. I have been out of range maybe once since switching, and I used to have to walk around my house screaming "CAN YOU HEAR ME YET?" Verizon is so much more expensive, but totally worth it IMO.
  11. Maybe an s5 mini? I have the regular s5 and I love it!
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