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  1. Update: I just discovered that, when ascertaining used space, my Huawei also includes virtual folders. If i check the volume of Proc folder, it basically counts it to infinity, reaching sized of 20-30-40gb and so on of used space (internal storage is 16gb, if you recall). This is due to a loop: Proc\490\wdc\Proc\490\wdc\Proc\490\wdc... So far as i know, Proc's content, in most cases, should be zero, and sometimes several megabytes. Could this be what's causing my storage problem?
  2. Update: So i dug around some more and discovered this phenomenon: Apparently, the device/OS lumps in virtual folders as used space as well. If i ask X-plore to give me the size of Proc folder, it basically keeps on counting indefinitely, reaching sizes of 20-30-40 gb and so on (internal storage is 16gb). It does that because there's a loop: Proc\###-#####(number folders)\wdc\Proc\###-#####(number folders)\wdc\Proc... etc. As far as i've seen on my friends' devices, Proc folder should be zero to a few megabytes. could this be the cause of the problem?
  3. Code doesn't work (invalid MMI). I think this particular trick works only on several specific smartphones like Galaxy.
  4. Already did. It didn't work.
  5. I just received my Huawei Honor 3c. The phone has these specs: 2gb RAM 16gb ROM MTK9592 octa core set. Android 4.4.2 I installed a few apps that together weigh no more than 300 mb, yet the device behaves as if it's full. But it's more complicated than that. let me explain: Under android settings, everything seems to be okey-dokey. Free space is what it should be, and so is used space. However, it won't let me install large apps anymore, citing 'not enough space' as a cause. Clean Master app says i have ~950mb free space available on my internal storage. specifically, it states: Internal storage - used 15.1 gb/16.0gb Device storage - used 14.7 gb used/16.gb I installed X-plore to browse the innards of the device. When i looked at the disk map, it showed (visually) that only 1.5~ gb of the device's disk was in use, but below it said 15.1gb used out of 16gb - same as Clean Master. Please help me Android wizards!