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  1. Thanks for your link. I'll visit your link and try to find out solution as well.
  2. Those app comes ultimately and can't remove them easily. I also have the same issue. But no way.
  3. As far as I know there is a way to recover all of your data whenever you want.
  4. I love to travel. I always wait for holidays to observe vacation to go somewhere. I love summer vacation mostly. Because long holidays for summer.
  5. Samsung s4 is nice one! Hopefully you'll enjoy this like s3.
  6. Most of the time I walk randomly without talking with anyone.
  7. I am lover of reader. I always join the forum read their post. Sharing ideas and new thinking.
  8. I was sufferer for this kind of problem but still no solution. Looking for better solution.
  9. HI, This free apps ultimetely comes onto my Android mobile without my concern. I feel uneasy when thouse are comes. And takes lots of speech. When I go to unistalled them there is no option to unistalled. What should I do now? Suggest me please. Thanks all of you!
  10. Hi all, Currently I am using a software on my Android phone. Rightly I need a software to edif pdf file. Though I tried Acrobat Reader XI. But not getting enough satisfaction. There is any other software I can use. Suggest me please! Thanks in advance.
  11. I understood your feelings! No way to recover your valuable data.
  12. Your deleted images has thumbed up. After somedays issue will be solved.
  13. @OceansTech you can take idea from search engines if you don't know this.
  14. joice33

    Able Remote

    I have also used this onto my tablet it works well.
  15. joice33

    Able Remote

    Android has much easier and it's comfortable to use especially on table.
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