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  1. kongrui

    What is your dream vacation?

    I love traveling, specially if it sea, beaches or dense forest. My dream vacation would be two Maldives and Sri Lanka.
  2. kongrui

    Share the apps you use most?

    Skype, Youtube, Mxplayer, Clean master, Xender are some of my list.
  3. kongrui

    game ?

    Candy Crush Saga Clash of clans
  4. kongrui

    Best SMS Android Chat Applications

    In my view if it is the best than it has to be Whatsapp.
  5. kongrui

    People who love to read

    I love reading, but day to day life constraint us doing so. However, I manage some time to read while travelling or before sleep.
  6. kongrui

    Share the apps you use most?

    My list starts with Alarm clock, Wechat, WhatsApp, camera, Weather & Clock Widget, Pleco, Skype, Music player, File manager, Xender and MX player
  7. kongrui

    Must-have apps for Android

    I have used AirDroid the it a very nice app, but has data capping :(
  8. kongrui

    Best 2014 Android Game

    I cant resist myself playing Candy crush