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  1. rosario1990

    Do you prefer to play games on a tab or phone?

    So you prefer phone for playing games?
  2. Okey @Layla you make this more clear. Thanks!
  3. rosario1990

    getting all data of a crashed phone

    Carefully do it again.
  4. rosario1990

    Crop image apps

    Hey @neelkumar using 'photo crop' I'll be able to resize images from any angle?
  5. rosario1990

    Which apps do you use?

    Skype is my most favorite one. But don't use FB Messanger ever.
  6. rosario1990

    Crop image apps

    Don't have idea about that one.
  7. rosario1990

    I want to create chatwing Joomla Social Chat Room how?

    I got some info while searching on the internet. I have found lot's of chatroom but out of them which has caught attention that is chatwing. Becuse of it's various features and service availability. Even there is no monthly/yearly fees. Over 1000 users at a time can chat. Also you can banned users, delete message, even private message is possible by using chatwing. Also there has an extra features by iphone/ipad users too. I am just amazed with the lot's of features.
  8. rosario1990

    game ?

    But now a days most of the people are used to playing candy crush saga.
  9. rosario1990

    Must-have apps for Android

    @florencesmith can you share info about AirDroid?
  10. Also he can use dropbox for saving all of his data.
  11. rosario1990

    Which Samsung model is the best?

    So you recommend to use S6 right?
  12. rosario1990

    App to automatically insert passwords

    Didn't use that apps you said. But I think is my new experience I gain. Thanks both of you for sharing such new apps.
  13. rosario1990

    I need a software to edit pdf file?

    Adobe acrobat reader isn't bad. I have used few of them good one.
  14. rosario1990

    Facebook video buffering

    Did you face any problem there while using facebook @thebestappgames
  15. rosario1990

    3 Best Video Converter for Android Phone and Tablet

    Thanks a lot for sharing.