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  1. Break-in brought by strangers make our life uncomfortable and unsafe. But we got ways to solve this kind of problem, for our home security. We can have a home security system or just a security camera installed. Like this one We can watch the stream video on Android phone/tablet. So you can easily get to know who is coming, especially when you are out. If any crime happens, the camera leaves the proof for the police. Or it can help you to get to know what your young kids are doing. App download:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zmodo.zsight.activity This camera from:http://www.cctvfocal.com/hd-ip-camera-720p-wireless-security-camera-mini-indoor-h-264-network-ip-camera-night-vision.html
  2. sometimes we buy movies on iTunes store,but as its DRM protection, we can only play it on Apple device like iPhone,iPad,iPod. just can't play on non Apple device like Android. But there are always some tech guy can solve this problem. I searched YouTube today,and find a YouTube tutorial about this remove iTunes video DRM method.
  3. sometimes,we are in a hurry to slide to unlock the Android phone for the call,but there is an app named ShakeCall app at Google Play Store. it gets the features that enable you to shake your phone to answer the call. :ph34r: information from:about-google-android.blogspot.com/2013/04/shake-your-android-phone-to-answer-calls.html
  4. I have to say your get the reason for these apps. Word press and Disqus can be useful, but for Skype and Facebook ,Hoot Suite, do they really play an important role for bloggers?
  5. I collect some HD games, but it also require high configuration for your Android phone, or it may not run fluent. You can read this blog post, it introduces some recent popular games, pretty attractive http://about-google-android.blogspot.com/2013/04/top-6-hd-games-for-your-android-phone.html
  6. it has something to do with the net. I suggest you use wifi, it doesn't have much to do with the media player.
  7. If we don't pick up some games to play on our Android phone, I think that is a waste for the configuration, especially for some high configuration Android phones. Recently I am playing the "Into the Dead" which is a zombie game, quite interesting, some other like “Aftermath XHD”“Fieldrunners ”,“Ravensword: Shadowlands”“The Conduit HD” can also be choices. If you get an Android tablet, that would be better for these HD graphic quality games. http://about-google-android.blogspot.com/2013/04/top-6-hd-games-for-your-android-phone.html
  8. there are two ways 1 watch in the wifi situation 2 download video to your Android phone(some tools like leawo free YouTube downloader can download YouTube video)
  9. The angry birds maker just released a new name named the 《The Croods》in a plot like conquer nature and take landscape. pretty a good game.
  10. now Facebook also gets the video conversion function.when you are talking with your friends with a dialog box,you will see the camera icon, simply click it for video coversion
  11. I personally think that there is no need to make a new app. I think Facebook group is enough. just create a group and drag your friends in, no one will disturb you guys
  12. the most download will be the one and notice the the review under the app. battery app usually helps to adjust brightness, wifi, screen resolutions etc. We can do all these by hands, but a battery tool helps instead of hand.
  13. Let's make it short,We all know Marvel which is such a famous comic company.It had created about 5000 comic characters.Now it is doing a promotion,you only need to download the Android app for Marvel and download 700 comics for free since 4AM 13 March GMT.There is no details about when it will end this activity. So comic fans better picked out your favors to download. You can also click this image for details(which is a blog post)
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