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  1. maynaard

    Updating unlocked galaxy nexus to jelly bean in UAE

    The updated notification has to be sent by the device manufacturer. You can't manually update it.
  2. maynaard

    google authentication on play store

    Update the application and check.
  3. maynaard

    recent favourite game?

    My favorite is the Mega Jump.
  4. maynaard

    help please 2.3.6 huawei ascend 2

    Do you actually need an app to resume the download?
  5. The nexus 7 devices does not have sd card support
  6. maynaard

    Where should I buy a Nexus 7 from?

    You could get better deals at Sam's Club.
  7. maynaard

    using a tablet as a second monitor

    Is it showing a black screen?
  8. Keeper Password & Data Vault app.
  9. Install the app called 'Easy Battery Saver'. The most effective application for extending the battery life of your phone.
  10. Rooting the device might increase the internal memory of your phone by deleting the unused apps.
  11. maynaard

    Best games and applications

    My favorite games android games are the angry birds and temple run.
  12. maynaard

    Must-have apps for Android

    For the security of the phone from virus you need add Kaspersky Phone Security. This is must have application for android.
  13. maynaard

    cant delete apps

    Perform the factory reset on your phone. By doding this opertaion all your apps will be deleted.
  14. Hi everyone. Is there any good tutorial for learning android xml parsing for begineers im finding it difficult.