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  1. Just upgraded to Androind 5.0.2 on HTC one m8. AT&T. And am having issues with location mode. If I go to settings->location->mode - and change it to "battery saving" it automatically keeps flipping to "high accuracy" or "device only". When this happens the "GPS" signal is always flashing. I have read on some forum that "Google play services" has modified some APIs in Android 5.0+ which allows the applications to alter the location mode even when the phone is not awake. This is a huge drain on the battery - as I see that the battery drains off with the GPS activity. Is anyone else observing this ? (I already did factory reset after upgrading to android 5.0). What can be done to overcome this ? All help appreciated.
  2. Hello Device: Google Nexus 10 - Android lollipop 5.1 Installed the tubemate app using apk. works great. Issue is, after installation it doesnt given an icon on lollipop. So I try to create an icon - by holding down the stylus like in 4.4.4. Choosing to create an icon is no longer an option. Has anyone come across this before /. How do we solve this > Help appreciated. #include
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