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  1. My tablet (i-joy memphis 10.1inch 4Gb) dropped and the following status happened: I switched it on,OK,... but it stop on the start display and I open it and check for any looses wires, etc. even replace a spare touch screen (just in case). Same result... Thence I Power on again as follows:- Hold Vol+ & Power for 20sec, release and re power on and found the following details:- Android system recovery (3e) 1- reboot update now 2- apply update from adb 3- apply update from sdcard 4- wipe data/factory reset 5- wipe cache partition 6- wipe media partition I tried the number 4- but nothing happened. I can't tried number 3- because i did not have a backup sdcard ! Could somebody help me with HOW TO FACTORY RESET or anything else. Thanks for help
  2. I just want my tablet stop playing music at boot start up. Thanks for help
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