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  1. Hi guys. I need your help. I'm using a rooted Huawei G730-T00 with built number V100R001CHNC01B132. I have supersu installed but it works even okay without it. I don't remember how I rooted it. The problems are 1- I can't update supersu binary. It shows me two options, Normal and CWM Or TRWM mode, which are not installed. As soon as I press normal mode, my phone restarts. It still asks for update 2- After installing the Busybox apk, it says "Busybox not installed." whenever I choose Normal or smart install again my phone restarts and still says Busybox not installed. 3- when I mount my system to read write my phone restarts and when It starts it goes back to read only. I tried es explorer and Terminal emulator. I really need your help. Sorry for my English. I can't help it.
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