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  1. I've discovered in these weeks Puzzle Pet and Cooking Jam. Both games are similar to Candy Crush, especially Cooking Jam is very nice. OK it occupies a lot of RAM, but on the P8 I can close the apps easily.
  2. So I'm probably one of the less people which pass only a few levels. Angry Birds is a funny game, but I've been too stupid for let flying the birds in the right way. Nobody is perfect. :D :D :D :D :rolleyes:
  3. Oh yes if you search on Google Chrome, you can find a lot of themes. But I would find it great if Google could offer the themes which are present in the Google Web Store also for the Android devices.
  4. I've tried Nova Launcher on my Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo, but I haven't been happy with it, so I use now the system launchers... especially on the Huawei P8 it's easy because with Android 5.0 I've got EMUI on it.
  5. I haven't used apps for transferring SMS from my smartphones to the computer, but I know that my friends use Aridroid and DeskSMS... so I think that I can recommend them. :D
  6. My must have apps are Gmail, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Dropbox, Livescore, Flickr, PiZap, LinkdIn, Wordpress, and obviously the browser and the camera.
  7. Hi to everybody, I'm Marty and I've discovered this forum today. :) I'm a great fan of Android and I've got two smartphones (the Huawei P8 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo) und a tablet (the Samsung Tab 4), I'm looking forward to exchanging opinions with you.
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